Ron Isley: Mr. Longevity

Ron Isley may be one of the few artists still recording music that needs no introduction. With a resume that spans over four decades, Mr. Biggs himself is gearing up to release a new album entitled ‘Mr. I,’ scheduled to drop November 30th.

Singersroom: For this new project, who are some of the collaborations?

Ron Isley: I worked with Aretha Franklin, Lauren Hill, T.I., the young brother Tank.

Singersroom: What was it like working with a lot of these talented artists?

Ron Isley: It’s something I’ve been doing all the time. That’s what I do! We get together and talk about life, what road we want to go down, things that we are doing now or what you want to say on a record. Musically, I don’t play an instrument so most of the people that I’m talking about are people that play instruments or writers that write good songs. You go for it man because you’re trying to get a hit.

Singersroom: When you look at music today, there is a huge trend in the R&B genre with this new dance music movement. What’s your feeling on dance music and the direction the industry is currently going?

Ron Isley: Well I love dance music. I don’t dance but I love watching dance. The music business is going a different way you know. Everybody is trying to do their thing!

Singersroom: So no R. Kelly For This Project?

Ron Isley: No, not for this project

Singersroom: What ever happened to the Mr. Biggs Movie?

Ron Isley: I never got around to do it. I can make up nineteen thousand different excuses but when you look back at it now, that’s something we should have done but we didn’t do it. But who knows, one day we still might do it.

Singersroom: Have you ever thought about retiring from this business?

Ron Isley: Not at all. This is what I do man; this is what I live for. I love doing music for people and I have fun doing it. As long as I can do it, I’m gonna do it.

Singersroom: Elton John recently stated that pop writers are awful today and they need to write their own music to bail themselves out. What’s your opinion on artists now-a-days not writing their own music?

Ron Isley: I don’t have too much to say about that. I just want to focus on myself. I can’t tell other people what they can do or not do.

Singersroom: So are you a fan of talent shows like American Idol?

Ron Isley: Somewhat of a fan…to an extent. It’s all about money so it’s hard for my to look at it and see what’s real. These young people definitely put their heart and soul into it but it all comes down to how much money the TV show has to make.

Singersroom: So in your musical journey, what’s one of your fondest memories from working in the studio?

Ron Isley: Well I got a million memories [laughter]. One of the things that stuck was starting our label and we did the song “Shout.” That was the first song through our own label it was cool being in the city finishing it, mastering it, and walking the streets to see y’all and trying to get it out. We had a lot of fun doing that.

Singersroom: So you’ve been in this business for so long. How do you manage to stay relevant and still communicate with your core audience?

Ron Isley: I mean you have to still be out there and hang out with people like yourself, like I’m doing today, social networks, etc. You have to know what’s happening and continue to learn. You have to ask yourself “Where is that business going? Or what could I do that I haven’t done?” Whatever it is, I just do it.
—— By: Interview By Gary G.


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