Miguel: Evolving Into Greatness

If you haven’t been singing Miguel’s “All I Want Is You,” you have been under a rock. Jive Records next big R&B star gave Singersroom an exclusive interview just before heading to rehearsals for Usher’s OMG Tour. He talks being on tour with Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan, his musical influences, “All I Want Is You” producer Salaam Remi and his next single “Sure Thing.”

Singersroom: What was the experience like on tour with Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan?

Miguel: The experience on tour with Mary J. Blige and Jazmine Sullivan was amazing. I learned so much and it was my very first tour. Even not seeing them perform [but] seeing them before and after the show. The vibe was just so cool; it was a great learning experience.

Singersroom: Can you give some more information on your new single “Sure Thing?”

Miguel: Absolutely. If you love “All I Want Is You” then you’re really going to fall in love with “Sure Thing.” They are both about specific people. That’s what’s similar about them. They’re both songs. What makes them real special is the irony of what it was to me. I never intended anyone to hear this song. Ironically, it’s the record that got me signed and the reason why anyone ever heard “All I Want Is You.”

Singersroom: As an accomplished songwriter, is there anybody you would love to work with that you haven’t got the opportunity to work with yet? Who are some of your favorites songwriters?

Miguel: D’Angelo; I’d love to work with, Lenny Kravitz; Alicia Keys would be really dope to write with. So many.

Singersroom: How does it feel to be working with Usher on Raymond V. Raymond and then getting the opportunity to open up for him on his OMG Tour?

Miguel: It’s incredible. I couldn’t ask for better timing and a better person to work with. That’s big brother. There is already love but the fact that he took upon himself to let me open up his show and set the tone of the show, it means a lot to me.

Singersroom: What can your fans expect from your debut album “All I Want Is You?”

Miguel: Expect to be pleasantly surprised. Expect every song to be different but to say everything a woman would want to hear. For men, to have it say everything you want to say without having to say it.

Singersroom: Your Top 10 R&B hit “All I Want Is You” is produced by Salaam Remi. How was it working with a producer of his caliber?

Miguel: Salaam is phenomenal. One of the coolest guys ever and he really knows how to pull emotion out of you. Even to get you where you need to be so you can create in a vulnerable space.

Singersroom: Do you produce any records on the album?

Miguel: I produced two of the interludes but on future albums I will be producing a lot more.

Singersroom: Any features we should look out for?

Miguel: I kept it very simple [for] this album. I did this because I feel the music speaks for itself and didn’t want to oversell or dilute who I am as an artist with over saturating it and having too many features. This album is really who I am stylistically and I want people to familiarize with that portion of who I am and what separates me from my peers.

Singersroom: So what does separate you from your peers?

Miguel: Take a look at someone like Trey Songz. Vocally he is really distinct. I can tell Trey Songz from most artists. I think people are becoming familiar with his sound, his tone, his voice and the way he delivers. He separates himself and I think in the same way my choices even down to the way I pronounce vowels for certain words; it’s all deliberate. I do it because I want to be very distinct in the combinations you would only hear from me. I think it has a lot to do with my musical influences and the artist I intend to evolve into.

Singersroom: Who are some of your musical influences and what kind of artist are you trying to evolve into?

Miguel: Prince, David Bowie, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, John Lennon, Phil Collins, Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Biggie. I would love to live perceptively somewhere between Pharrell and Lenny Kravitz. I would love to affect change the way John Lennon did.
—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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