Khalil: Not Just Teeny Bop Music

Not Just Teeny Bop Music… “I don’t really just want to have a certain age group only listening to me. I wanna have music that grownups can listen to and music that kids can listen to, too. And with telling a story, I wanna tell you the beginning, middle and end and complete the whole story. Something that everybody can feel. And I feel like “Girlfriend Ringtone” is a great first look.”

Game Changer… ” After I uploaded the [YouTube] video and I got a lot of positive feedback from family and friends, I was like, “Well, maybe I can sing.” (laughs) Once [record executive Kevin Wales] hit me on the YouTube account and told me that he really wanted to fly me out to Atlanta, I thought that I could really do this. And since then, I’ve been pushing hard.”

Unlike the Usual Suspects… “I feel like the comparisons are going to come because when people don’t know you, they’re quick to say, “He’s the next…” So until you create your own name and your own sound that won’t change. I just want to make great music. I feel like a bunch of great artist before me like Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder kept a tradition going by making great music. I feel like I want to keep that tradition going. Hopefully, people can learn from stuff that I do and in return make great music as well.

Future Game Plan… “Yeah, the album will be out next year. Really what I have coming up next is my second single, “Hey Lil Mama.” We’ll be shooting the video for that very soon. Also, I have a package coming out soon on iTunes called, “The Girlfriend Package” and it’s going to feature the video, “Hey Lil Mama”, a poster and some other fun stuff like songs and videos. And then just getting ready for some more promo of “Girlfriend Ringtone” and getting back on tour.”

Headphone Check… “Trey is really doing his thing right now and Ne-Yo. I’m a big fan of those two guys. And as far as rap is concerned Wayne, Drake and I’m also a fan of Nicki Minaj.”

When You Hear Me… “I just want them to have something positive to say and feel good when they hear my songs.”

—— By: Interview By Mattie James


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