Wynter Gordon: ‘I Have Never Been a Traditional Girl’

Following her show stopping performance at last weeks Hennessy Artistry Series with Travie McCoy at SOBs, R&B rising star Wynter Gordon sits down with Singersroom and talks her forthcoming album, fashion, her sound and wanting to work with Nicki Minaj plus much more.

Singersroom: How did you connect with Hennessy for their Artistry series and how was the experience for you as an artist?

WG: I believe they called my label up and asked for me to be apart of the show. I walked here…felt warmth, felt some amazing art, some paintings, some groups from all over hip hop, some rockers, you know some hipsters and it was a good time.

Singersroom: Who is Wynter Gordon and what is she bringing to the genre of R&B?

WG: Wynter is the most enthusiastic resilient girl you will ever meet. She’s a writer, she’s a vocalist, she’s a dancer, she’s a singer, she’s pretty amazing, she’s a giver, she’s sweet and that’s what I’m bringing to music.

Singersroom: With the success of fellow songwriters such as Bruno Mars and Keri Hilson, how do you feel about the transition from songwriter to artist?

WG: I think most songwriters actually are artists before they are songwriters. I’ve worked with Bruno; he’s been performing on the scene way before people knew him as Bruno Mars. Sometimes that’s the shot you get first; that’s the door that opens first. So songwriting was actually the first door that opened for me but I always knew I wanted to perform. Now, I’m confident in my performance. I can say that.

Singersroom: With your single “Dirty Talk” recently hitting #1 on Billboard’s Dance Charts. Were you surprised by its success?

WG: I was not surprised because I think it’s a fun song. I think it was something people were waiting for. It sounds like an 80’s ra-ra song. That’s what people are liking these days. I was happy about it.

Singersroom: What is the update on your album, “With The Music I Die”?

WG: We are working on it. We pretty much have all the songs together but I am reluctant to put an album out until I build my fan base. So I really just like to release singles to get everyone familiar with my sound and music before I put out an album. It’s a masterpiece.

Singersroom: As far as your sound, what’s your view of not taking the traditional R&B route (ballads, etc)?

WG: I have never been a traditional girl. I write all types of music. This album was focused around dance. It’s really a deep dance album; I know people have only heard “Dirty Talk,” which is more pop. But I went to Europe, traveled all over worked with some underground talent. Some of the songs are real conscientious; they are some party songs, really strong vocals songs. I am giving a little bit to everything. I do not like genres. Especially these days, nobody is in a box. We’re all mixed.

Singersroom: Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with that you haven’t yet?

WG: Of course! I love Nicki Minaj; I’m loving what she’s doing. She’s being very unique, being herself showing her personality. I would love to work with her. Lea Michele from Glee, she’s awesome. I would actually love to do comedy. I am a comedy chick. I’d love to work with Jonah Hill. Definitely Celine Dion, she’s my idol.

Singersroom: You were spotted recently on the red carpet during Fashion Week. Do you have fashion advice and/or secrets you would like to share?

WG: I am a total vintage girl. I say go with your budget, what looks cute on you. What accentuates your body type. It’s not all about labels. It’s nice when you have the money but these days no one has it like that. Just get what is you.

Singersroom: What’s next for Wynter Gordon?

WG: I am back in the studio. I am on the road. I am promoting my music. You will see me everywhere because I am not stopping. That’s what’s next.
—— By: Interview By Cola Janneti


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