Bei Maejor: Maejor Artist in the Making

Producer/singer/songwriter Bei (simply pronounced “B”) Maejor may only be 23, but his production and songwriter credits (he’s worked with everyone from Trey Songz to Soulja Boy) are almost as impressive as super producers like Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. The Michigan native, who was signed to Jive earlier this year, admitted that he started making beats and writing songs as a hobby in college, and it quickly turned into a profession. Now that he’s here to stay, music, as we once knew it, may never be the same again. Find out what’s next from the creative and talented rising star:

Singersroom: You have played a major role behind the scenes over the years although you are now coming into the forefront. You’re only twenty-three years old, and you’ve produced songs for tons of artists. How have you accomplished so much at such a young age? Most people are just starting to break into the industry at your age.

Bei: A producer was just saying that to me the other day but honestly, I was just blessed. A lot of things fell into place at the right time. I didn’t pursue music as a career. I was having fun with it, and I met people while I was in college at the University of Michigan. That’s when I started to really get into it, and I got my first placements in college. I did a couple of albums while I was still in school. By the time I moved to Atlanta, I had a heads up. It wasn’t like I was better than everybody. God just set it up for me to meet these certain people, and I ended up producing music that a lot of people liked.

Singersroom: You just signed to Jive earlier this year. There are so many artists that have been hugely successful with Jive, like Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake. How do you think you’ll be able to fill the shoes of those that came before you?

Bei: I don’t think I can fill the shoes of people like that. Those people are so dope. I’m a fan of almost all of the artists on Jive. I’m actually going to try to do something a little different than they do because there are so many talented and amazing artists.

Singersroom: What do you mean by “different”?

Bei: On a daily basis, I’ll listen to techno and Gucci Mane. I listen to classical and Roscoe Dash. I’ve worked with Soulja Boy and Chrisette Michelle, so my inspiration comes from many different places. When I put it together, my music will reflect different genres I’m into so it’ll bring a whole new style.

Singersroom: You just released a mixtape, ‘Upside Down’, and I’ve seen tons of pictures of you upside down. What’s the meaning behind “upside down”?

Bei: I got the name for the mixtape because I put all of my pictures upside down, and I write stuff upside down, and that’s my theme. But the meaning is a secret unfortunately, but I will probably reveal it on my album when it comes out. I haven’t told anybody yet, not even my mom.

Singersroom: Ok I won’t pry if your mom doesn’t even know the meaning. I know you did the remix for Ciara’s “Ride” and it’s completely different than the original. Where did you come up with the concept?

Bei: I was going through a phase where I was doing a lot of different remixes. I was just putting verses on them and having fun. When I did “Ride” and the label heard it, they thought it could really be something dope. Then, Andre 3000 jumped on it which was amazing because he’s one of my favorite artists of all time. That was really big.

Singersroom: Who else would you consider your favorite artists? Who do you look up to?

Bei: Stevie Wonder is probably my favorite artist. I want to do a project with him. I look up to people who created a movement like No Doubt when they were big. I also look up to my friends I’ve seen come up like Trey Songz who made a transition to a bigger phase in his career. Working with him as a producer made me look up to him as an artist and writer. I was able to see how creative he was. There is something in every artist I like. People aren’t stars for no reason. There’s usually something very dope about every artist.

Singersroom: So what’s dope about you?

Bei: I don’t know. I don’t look at myself like that. Hopefully people think I’m dope though.

Singersroom: Now since you’re a singer/songwriter/producer, I wanted to know if you could work with another artist, who would it be?

Bei: Stevie Wonder.

Singersroom: If you could write a song for anyone, who would it be?

Bei: It would be someone old-school big like Julio Iglesias or someone like that. I’d bring his swag back. [laughs]

Singersroom: If you could produce a song for anyone, who would it be?

Bei: Taylor Swift, Akon, Lady Gaga and Wacka Flocka Flame.

Singersroom: On one track? That would be the hottest song ever.

Bei: That song would be crazy, right? See you already want to hear it.

Singersroom: What can we expect from Bei next?

Bei: I’m actually about to start working on my album. I’m also working with a lot of people as far as the producing and writing side so a lot of things will be coming out soon.

Singersroom: Can you give us a sneak peek of which songs you’re working on?

Bei: The song I have coming out next is one of Keri Hilson’s songs with a surprise guest. Soulja Boy’s new single just came out. I worked with some new artists on Jive like Jawan Harris. I also have a song coming out by Jazmine Sullivan and Ne-Yo. I’ve also worked with Flo-Rida and Trey Songz.

Singersroom: Sounds like you’re pretty busy. And lastly how do you feel about being selected as one of our artists for “30 Under 30”?

Bei: That’s awesome. That’s super dope. I’m very excited.

—— By: Interview By Crystal Tate


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