Atlantic Newcomer HOPE Wants ‘Love, Love, Love’

Atlantic Records newcomer Hope is a gifted musician with a promising career. Coming from a musical background (Mom singer, dad music director), Hope plans to bless the world with “Love, Love, Love,” while drawing attention to other social issues. Get to know the artist that has already landed songs on Tyler Perry’s, “Why Did I Get Married”, “P.S. I Love You”, “Step Up 2”, MTV’s “The City” and many more.

Singersroom: Congrats on the release of “Love, Love, Love.”

HOPE: Aw, thank you. I’m so glad.

Singersroom: So, what was the motivation behind the song?

HOPE: “Love, Love, Love” was a song that wasn’t part of a bunch songs we had recorded for the album. And I felt that something was missing. And we needed to have something that people could listen to and feel really good. So, I sat down with Michael Blue and we just started playing and wrote the song.

Singersroom: Now, you come from a musical family; your Mom was a regular at the Apollo theatre and your Dad was a Broadway show music director.

HOPE: Yes, he was the music director for the show, “Hair.”

Singersroom: So, how was it having two musical parents growing up? How did they influence you?

HOPE: It was a huge influence because when I was introduced to music I realized as a teenager I leaned more towards love songs and heard some of the songs my dad wrote it made me realize that I can write songs that aren’t just about love. I can write about this person and I can write about the world. And they were always around to encourage me. I had a guitar, I always had a piano at one point we had an autoharp at the house and that really helped me to write songs.

Singersroom: What is it that you’re trying to convey as an artist? As a new artist it’s easy to be automatically compared to another artist. So what makes you different?

HOPE: I think everyone has something special to offer, so if I’m compared to someone else I take it as a compliment because we all know that we’re in our own different lanes. I feel that the message that I’m giving through my music it’s about love. And when I write, it’s from my eyes, it’s not from someone else’s. It’s only what I can filter through my own experiences I go through everyday. So that’s what makes me and everyone different.

Singersroom: Was there a specific moment that made you realize that you were destined to do music?

HOPE: At a really young age, like 6 or 7 years old, I just knew. I’ve been singing all my life so I’ve always known. And when I heard Sade’s music, I started to write about everything instead of just love. It opened up writing and I kind of just carried it with me my whole life, I feel like this is what I was born to do and for as long as I can remember this is all I’ve wanted to do. At three years old, I would run up to a mic if I saw one. If there was ever a stage they would have to try to get me off so they could continue. (laughs) I’ve always been attracted to the microphone and the stage.

Singersroom: You recently got to record at the legendary Abbey Road studio. How was that experience?

HOPE: It was incredible. There was a 50 piece orchestra there. And the room is like massive and there [was] about 60 to 70 people with the whole crew including musicians. They started to play my song, “Lighthouse” and tears just fell down my cheeks. You know, because this song that I wrote with my guitar was being played by so many people. It was amazing.
—— By: Interview By Mattie James


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