Sonyae Elise Wants To See The Boys Cry!

Sonyae Elise is one of those artists that lives and breathes music. It’s apart of her. I had the chance to ride through the streets of Jersey and grab something to eat at one of those “healthy tofu-type spots” with the singer/rapper/songwriter. She had me eating tofu chicken and drinking things that had my stomach feeling kind of funny. Check out our conversation.

Singersroom: You have a mixtape out and one song seems to grab my attention called “Pregnant”. What was your inspiration behind “Pregnant”?

Sonyae: R. Kelly gave the males’ point of view in his song and I gave a female’s point of view. I’ve heard horror stories of chicks poking holes in the condoms and plotting on celebs and ball players for money. It happens and I wanted to give the perspective of the women committing the act.

Singersroom: What’s up with Human Error?

Sonyae: It’s a song I did a video for which focuses on baggage in relationships. It is talking about giving your all to one person and having nothing to give to the next person.

Singersroom: What is a rebel and why do you consider yourself a rebel?

Sonyae: Rebel … me! It is a person who walks to her own beat and does it her way! I definitely do it my way.

Singersroom: How does growing up in Jersey and now traveling from coast to coast affect your music?

Sonyae: I’m excited about life and happy that I am able to travel from coast to coast. Coming from the same place where Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill are from, it helped me know I could really do it. L.A. is very productive for me to make music. L.A. is all about work. I go to the gym and record. I get inspiration to make music in NYC/Jersey because shit don’t shut down over here. Energy in L.A. is different compared to that of the east coast. When I come out here I see young chicks pregnant and all kinds of craziness. I get inspiration from the east coast.

Singersroom: Do you think internet helps or hurts the music?

Sonyae: I think the internet gives people access. They get to touch people they wouldn’t usually be able to touch. Certain people would not be able to meet executives or have their music heard by record labels. Now-a-days people get famous off of YouTube. The bad side is it has gotten over saturated.

Singersroom: Would you break up online via Twitter or Facebook?

Sonyae: No, I have guts! I like to do it face to face because I like to see boys cry. Nah, seriously I wouldn’t really want it done to me.

Singersroom: Would you check your significant others social network accounts (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter)?

Sonyae: No, I do not check accounts but men are just sloppy. They always get caught. But men know that ladies do it in secret. It’s easy to get caught out there. It’s too much now they have Skype. Ladies can ask to see if there is a lady under the bed or in the closet. It’s not that serious … you have to have trust!

Singersroom: How are you in the studio, do you have a formula you follow?

Sonyae: I sing, rap and also engineer my own sessions. I like to be left alone to create. I want people to give their opinion but it’s good to get out your thoughts before you change it. And it has to be from someone that knows what they are talking about!

Singersroom: Are you a rapper or singer?

Sonyae:Retweet” is getting a lot of love. It’s aside of me but not the only side. I want to put out everything so they know. Drake came out doing both from the beginning so I just want to let everyone know that I do both. I want to make sure people are clear. I do both and I do both well.

Singersroom: Who is the hottest male vocalist under the age of 30?

Sonyae: Mario because his technique is crazy and his tune and range are on point. Trey Songz and Chris Brown also.

Singersroom: Who is the best male performer under the age of 30?

Sonyae: Chris Brown is and anyone on can go watch him on YouTube. They can be the judge.

Singersroom: Who is the best overall male artist under 30?

Sonyae: Trey because he’s killing it right now. No one is doing it but Trey. Now if you said female artist under 30 I would say Sonyae…lol.

—— By: Interview By Deyior Dunbar


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