Mira Veda: Two Cultures, One Sound

Indo-soul recording artist Mira Veda will release her sophomore album ‘In Love Again’ October 10th, led by the middle eastern inspired R&B and soul first single “Captivated.” The San Francisco based recording artist drew upon her Indian heritage to infuse her R&B and soul sound with traditional and modern Indian influences for the new project.

Combining the two foreign genres of music may seem risky for most, but Mira knows all about taking chances. Born to a strict, religious Indian family, Mira, who’d gotten her college degree and planned on one day going into teaching, started taking music seriously only ten years ago, after taking a vocal class for fun. Learn more about Mira.

SINGERSROOM: Who are some of the artists you listened to growing up?

MIRA VEDA: My parents would listen to classical [music]. I was drawn on my own interest to Jazz music; my favorite was Lou Rawls. As well as Etta James.

SINGERSROOM: Who are your favorite artists out right now?

MIRA VEDA: I do not listen to the top 20. There seems to be a fine line between pop and R&B music. I enjoy the music of artists with strength and character, such as Sade, Adele, and Jill Scott. Sade to me is the queen; her music career is an inspiration to how I want my career to be. Jill Scott has a great voice. I am more into the person making the music, than the music itself.

SINGERSROOM: What inspires you to write and create music?

MIRA VEDA: Everywhere, from conversations, art, and books. I live in a dynamic world, so there is always inspiration around me. “Pain of tomorrow” was inspired by a conversation I had with a taxi driver about Indian’s current events. Another example, the other day I walked into a funky coffee shop and an old Bollywood track from the 80s was playing. I immediately made a call to my producer, gave him the name of the song. In the next two weeks we worked on fusing that new track with modern hip hop and R&B and came up with “Aap Jasa Koi,” my next single.

SINGERSROOM: What kind of response do you think this Indo-Soul album will get?

MIRA VEDA: Surprisingly, I have received a positive one so far. I think people here are open to a new sound. We heard Indian influences in Truth Hurt’s and other music before. I will be in a whole new category of artist who are creating fusion music. We are creating a new sound.

SINGERSROOM: You wear many hats, how do you find time to make music?

MIRA VEDA: I always feel like I’m racing to meet deadlines and still behind schedule. The album was supposed to get released last year. Things came up but with perseverance I was able to finally finish it.

SINGERSROOM: Who are some of the people you worked with on “In Love Again”

MIRA VEDA: Producer Carvin Higgins and Ivan Barias from Karma Productions in Philadelphia, whom have worked with Jill Scott and Jazmine Sullivan. I recorded in India with Shawn Mixman, an Indian Punjabi rapper. —— By: Interview By Karina Martinez


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