Mya may have once thought “It’s all about me, me, me” but she certainly gives off the vibe that she’s as humble as pie. After watching YouTube (yup, she’s a fan too!), she sat down with Singersroom for a playful peek into her world. Find out what the beautiful, talented and mature songstress had to say.

Singersroom: I remember when you first came out over 10 years ago with “It’s All About Me.” How have you evolved as an artist and a woman since then?

Mya: I believe it was 12 years ago in 1998, Valentine’s Day to be exact. Well I’ve evolved in the sense that I now wear a size 7 instead of a 4, and I’m 20 pounds heavier. Otherwise, I’m the same girl. True evolution at its best!

Singersroom: When you look back at the course of your career, what was your most memorable moment and why?

Mya: Hmm, when I locked myself into the bathroom for quite some time at the office of a particular company to refrain from spazzing out. I thought I might’ve gone to jail that night if I didn’t count to 10,000.

Singersroom: You always look amazing on the red carpets. What’s your secret to looking stylish all the time?

Mya: I have no amazing secrets. I eat like a normal person, do my own make-up and hope to get lucky with something that fits.

Singersroom: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Mya: All of them have been crazy, outrageous and pretty hilarious. That’s why they’re rumors.

Singersroom: There were also rumors once about you being pregnant? Any truth to that?

Mya: Yup, I have 6 children now. Check out the North Shore Animal League flyer for the “family portrait.” [laughs]

Singersroom: That’s funny. Ok so are you currently dating anyone?

Mya: Yes I am. I see her in the mirror every morning. And sometimes she gets on my nerves! Divorce papers as we speak, ugh!

Singersroom: Now that you’re 30, is there anything you know now that you wish you had known at 20?

Mya: Absolutely not! I believe too much information and knowledge at a young age takes away the fun and spice out of life.

Singersroom: You were the runner-up on Dancing with the Stars last year. Did you feel like you deserved the #1 spot?

Mya: Absolutely not! Donny Osmond was the true winner in my book for several reasons. I couldn’t have done what he did with the travel schedule he kept.

Singersroom: What did you like best about being on the show?

Mya: I enjoyed getting to eat what the heck I wanted and not feel guilty about it! Oh yeah and the glitter and stones and fringe!

Singersroom: You’re quite the philanthropist. What type of charity work are you currently involved in?

Mya: I am currently involved with The Mya Arts & Tech Foundation (, North Shore Animal League America (, and Africare (

Singersroom: What can we expect to see from Mya next?

Mya: Whatever you happen to stumble upon from me, enjoy it at your leisure. But you can absolutely expect to see me on the beach sipping a cocktail with my pinky finger out, at a Krispy Kreme going through a drive-through, going into rehab (just kidding!), walking the aisles of a pet supply store or at a Baptist church on a Sunday. Also, I am shooting the video for “Love is the Answer” with Cedric Gervais this month so my fans can look out for that.
—— By: Interview By Crystal Tate