Trina Talks New Fashion Style, Fake People and Not Bleaching Her Skin

Rapper Trina has re-invented her fashion style, music and social personality, and with her upcoming VH1 show, “The Baddest Chick,” she is poised to have the world take notice. With flawless make-up, a new hairstyle, Trina has been looking very refreshed as of late. “I am just evolving into more of a woman, and I love it,” She tells Singersroom exclusively. “Lately, I have been wearing my natural hair, so that’s a change for me. I love getting facials and taking care of my skin because that’s really important especially since I’m always performing and wearing makeup. I do have a stylist, but I love to try new and different things that work for me!” Trina has been in the hip hop game well over a decade. She released her fifth studio album in May 2010, which sold over 200,000 units to date. So what has she learned being in the business so long? “The biggest lesson I’ve learned being in this game is that people are faker than a $3 dollar bill, Trina tells Singersroom. “You can’t trust everybody, and you can not believe most of what you hear. Keep good people around you because you’re going to need them! Work as hard as you can and be happy for yourself first before anything else.” The road hasn’t been easy for the “Baddest B*tch.” Besides trying to be successful in a male dominated business, she also has to deal with rumors, like the recent bleach of skin, in every move she makes. “That I’ve dated a few people that I actually never even met! It’s hilarious!” Trina says. “I don’t bleach my skin! For goodness sake, I am a fair skinned woman, and I honestly like to look darker than I am. I love to tan and wear bronzer. I think it makes my skin look better. Plus if I don’t, then I can see my veins through my skin! “ Check out more of Trina speaking with Singersroom


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