Talia Coles: Music, Fashion Style, Sex and More

Like Keri Hilson or Ryan Leslie, Talia Coles has paid her dews as a songwriter and is now ready to show the world her true love; being a multi-dimensional artist. Cole, the founder of Couture Music, who has lent her talents to Musiq Soulchild, Teddy Riley, Slim from 112, Deborah Cox, Case, and Coko, speaks to Singersroom exclusively about her team, her music and fashion style, sex in music and much more. Check it out!

How did you break into the music business as a songwriter?

In the very beginning of my career as an artist, the producers I worked with would bring in writers and I thought I was suppose to just sing. But when the writers started working with me I would sing melodies and say “What if we said it like this” and sometimes by the end of the song I had written the majority of the record. Then the songwriters started calling me in to collaborate with them on other projects. So with that came the placement for Deborah Cox, Slim from 112, Teddy Riley, Tyler Perry Soundtracks etc.

How Did Working with Kevin Liles affect your career?

Jojo Brim is my manager, Senior Manager of KWL Enterprises…he is Kevin Liles’s protégé. They come from the Gorilla “DEF JAM” University and to have that experience and support on my team has been such a blessing. The greatest gift is their commitment to creating extraordinary results, hard work passion and most important is allowing me to be authentic and make music that is true for me…

What was your favorite dance move before the “Nikki Wine?”

Man that’s a good question. There are so many great dances that have been created. But if I had to name one it would definitely be Vogueing…

Why have you embrace the role to be an ambassador for community activities?

I want to be able to make a difference and support a community that is so extraordinary and I’ve been apart of my whole life! I want to be another voice educating those who are ignorant to the community. We are all one. Every human being should be treated equal and feel good about who they are because everyone matters.

How do you tailor your music to your personality?

It definitely has a women empowerment point of view with a touch of vulnerability. The dance records have a confident over tone and my emotional records all seem to end with, no matter what I’ll be ok. That’s my personality in a nut shell.

What impact do you want to leave with listeners?

Probably the strength and power of women but in a fun loving way!!

What drives your fashion style plus who are your favorite designers?

It’s who I am; I don’t really over think it. Couture Music is my label and Cisum Couture is my clothing line “Cisum” is music backwards. I use the word Couture because I’m a Fan Of “One of a Kind” so I design my music and my clothes that way… Some of my favorite designers are Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain and Alexander Mcqueen just to name a few cause trust me that list can go on and on…

Your personal opinion on sex and music: Do they go together? Does sex sell?

Music evokes all kinds of emotions and sex is definitely one of them. They often go together because so many songs are based on Love or Dancing; two things that make you feel sexy. Even the sad songs make u feel like brake up to make up… Sex does sell, it so sweet when it’s done tastefully. But people view sex as a negative thing when you can shift your perception on the word “SEX” you can see the beauty that is created by it. When it’s viewed as negative, the ugly things can be created by it as well… So use it Wisely!!

Why do you love R&B?

R&B music gets into my soul… My dad played the trumpet and sang background for James Brown and Wilson Picket. So I was born into soul Music… Give me some Rhythm and Blues any day!
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