John Brown: Believing In So Much More

John Brown isn’t your typical R&B singer. He has a mother who was signed to Motown, he’s already performed for a U.S. president and he’s already been signed to a major label. So, maybe it’s because of all that has already happened that he wants to give the world music that’s different. For someone who’s well versed in classical, pop & hip-hop music, he may just do that. And he might even make you laugh along the way.

Detroit Motown Inspiration.. “Just watching James Brown perform. And even Marvin Gaye. I love watching those two guys perform. ..Because every time they hit the stage they would just stick to people and they drew the audience in. I love watching that – when an artist can draw their audience in. Both these artists knew how to interact and yet still deliver their message. They did that throughout their careers. They knew how to have fun with them and make an impact.”

Comedic Signature on Stage… “My personality. I’m silly. So if I see someone in the audience looking sad or someone looking at me like “who is this new guy?” I’ll point them out like, “Hey!” and say something funny to make them laugh and make them comfortable. By the end of the show they’re like, “We love John Brown!”

Advice To A Younger John Brown… “That through all the trials and tribulations, past experiences, I’m still standing. I honestly can’t say that the past situation even compares with now. I can say that I’ve really progressed. You know, from back then to now my career is headed in a completely different direction. I’ve grown a lot.”

Lyrics That Best Describe Interest… “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye. I’m curious to know what’s going on in the world today. There’s so much stuff going on. You know, we need to put a stop to some of this madness. I’ve asked that question over and over again as far as the world is concerned. We got war and earthquakes, there’s just so many things that’s going on, it’s a lot of foolishness. I would definitely say that song, that’s like one of the songs I would use to describe me.”

Dealing with Chris Brown Comparisons… “Normally, I ask them what makes them think that I sound like somebody. And once they answer it, I explain to them that I don’t do the same thing as that artist. I sing all types of different music. My style is completely different. I have a unique voice. And that’s no disrespect, Chris Brown is really good. And he’s a dancer. But my style is different because I’m laid back. I can give you high energy but I do all different kinds of music – I do classical, pop, hip hop, R&B and incorporate different things into my songs. I’m really good at switching my voice up. You can hear one song and be like, “Ok, that’s John Brown” and then the next song will make you ask, “That’s John Brown?” When people listen to my songs, I guarantee that they’ll agree with me. I’m not bothered by the question, but I just know I don’t sound like Chris Brown, I sound like John Brown.”

The Message In My Music… “That John Brown is putting out positive, fun music that can touch lives and influence people. I’m not saying that I’m putting out a gospel album – and there’s nothing with that. I love gospel. But I’m putting out something that people can just enjoy, and nothing that’s really degrading. All these explicit lyrics people put out nowadays, it’s craziness. If I’m gonna talk about women, I’m gonna talk to them like I would speak to my mother, you know? I wouldn’t put out something that I wouldn’t want my mom to listen to. I believe in so much more, I believe in doing the right thing. I want to put out something good and create a good atmosphere so I receive good things back in return. Good music, fun music, safe music and delivering good stuff. That’s what the world needs. It needs something different.”

Check out John Brown’s “Imma Love You Right” video —— By: Interview By Mattie James


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