Electrik Red: Music, Sex and The Game

Electrik Red, the foursome consisting of Binki, Lesley, Sarah and NAOMI, have let their hair down about the girl groups that paved the way for them and the men they want in their live and the sex that sells the music. Each lady gives her own response the questionable things about women in girl groups. They also feel that men are groupies more than women in the industry. Check out our exclusive with Electrik Red

Singersroom: Which girl groups inspired you all to form?

Binki: Well I’ve always loved spice girls total ,Mary Jane girls and the Dixie chicks have the best harmony’s
Lesley: Total
Sarah: Hmmm maybe a bit of TLC, Spice Girls, Total, Mary Jane girls.
NAOMI: Total, Spice Girls, SWV, and Vanity 6

Singersroom: What keeps you ladies together as a group?

Binki: If this ended next week we would still be friends, I love those chicks!
Lesley: We are basically married to each other and we don’t believe in getting a divorce and it helps that we share the common goal to achieve World Domination!!!
Sarah: Def our individual work ethics mixed with our wisdom ;-)
NAOMI: We were friends first and chose to be together :) we are like sisters. Drive each other crazy sometimes but we LOVE each other

Singersroom: In a female perspective, how do see the industry and its male counterparts?

Binki: It’s a business the players may change day to day but being smart wins
Lesley: They get away with everything! Can we live??? Lol…no but seriously, I feel that males in this industry are cut a lot more slack in regards to their musical content and visuals.
Sarah: The industry is ran by males which can make it a little harder to receive your respect but we’re some smart tough cookies that can usually weed thru the BS. You definitely got to channel your inner male at times and grow some thick skin because it is the music BUSINESS.
NAOMI: The industry has definitely taken a blow from an economical standpoint, but as far as talent-it’s thriving!!!! So many amazing artists! The guys in the industry at this time are inspirational to me; everyone has a different flavor and talent.

Singersroom: Do you feel that sex sells when it comes to record making and performing?

NAOMI: Yes and No. Making records should be about the feeling you get when you hear it, or the message of the record. Sex appeal definitely comes in handy for a performance! We are already sexy so we put a lot of personality in our shows!

Singersroom: Since you have stepped into the industry, how do you feel about women that throw themselves on men?

Binki: I’m more thrown about the men that throw themselves at women! Pull yourselves together have some dignity…lol
Lesley: It’s a bit sad to witness, but who am I to judge it’s just not my bag baby! Lol
Sarah: To each is own. And more often do I see the men throwing themselves on the woman. Hmmmm:-/
NAOMI: I don’t think anything about it lol Live your life. We all should do what makes us happy.

Singersroom: How do you feel about groupies?

Binki: “Why you think I do this for to drive a Rav 4” – Kanye West
Lesley: They keep things interesting. Think about the lack of crazy stories dudes would have if they didn’t exist!

Singersroom: How do you know a woman is a groupie?

Lesley: They completely lose themselves for a star within 5 secs of being in the same room.
Sarah: Whelp! Usually she’s smashed all the homies and usually that’s all she’s around for.

Singersroom: If you don’t think selling sex is needed, how do you feel about those that do?

NAOMI: All artist attract fans for different reasons. If selling sex fits your music, image, targeted audience then go for it!

Singersroom: Are any of you ladies dating someone?

Binki: I’m married to this game.
Sarah: Single and likes 2 mingle
NAOMI- yes

Singersroom: what is your type?

Binki: The kind that wants to have an afterlife
Lesley: Intelligent thugs
Sarah: Sense of humor, smart, tattoos, brutally honest, cultured, and a boss!

Singersroom: Would you date a celebrity or an average joe?

Binki: I’m an equal opportunity employer
Lesley: Both
Sarah: A special joe
NAOMI: We meet a lot of celebrities but “average Joe’s” are Hot!

Singersroom: You all are working on an album, what should the public expect?

Lesley: A deeper look into what makes us Electrik Red and lots more diversity. We are channeling a couple of different things musically that will hopefully showcase our growth as artists.

Singersroom: Any collaborations on the album?

Lesley: If we told you, we would have to kill you. Lol

Singersroom: Is there one artist you would not perform or work with?

Binki: The devil he is super crafty. Got to watch him

Singersroom: Binki: Anyone that’s avail. I’m thinking this sweet little homeless guy on 127th and Madison in NYC he rocks out on the buckets.

Singersroom: Where can your fans find you?

Lesley: We are all on twitter, so twitter us baby!!! @electrikred, @lesleyER @naomiER @binkieER @sarahroseteER. Also, YouTube, Facebook and Myspace. —— By: Interview By Imani Pope Johns


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