Lady Gaga Talks Duet With Michael Jackson, Next Album

Lady Gaga appeared on what ended up being a revealing interview with Larry King LIVE Tuesday night. Discussing everything from rumors about her health to the potential repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell and other politics, Gaga also broke news that she was to perform and sing with Michael Jackson prior to his death. Calling Jackson a “remarkable man,” Lady Gaga told Larry King “I was actually asked to open for Michael on his tour. And we were going to open for him at the O2, and we were working on making it happen.” According to the “Alejandro” singer, Jackson had selected her as one of several entertainers for a duet. “And I suppose I believe there was some talk about us — lots of the openers doing duets with Michael on stage. So — but Michael’s death was devastating for me regardless of whether or not I was supposed to go on tour with him,” said Gaga. “He is such an inspiration and remarkable human being. And I guess I suppose, Larry, some of my fascination with death and the demise of the celebrity goes along with me watching these hugely iconic and amazing people that I have heralded and admired my whole life become destroyed — whether self-destroyed or destroyed by the media.” In related news, Lady Gaga briefly discussed the follow up to “The Fame Monster,’ which was rumored to be set for a fall 2010 release. “Well, my next album — it will not be coming out this Christmas, which I don’t know if I was supposed to tell you, but I will tell you so my fans don’t crucify me later,” Gaga told King. “But I wanted to give it some time, because even though it’s finished, I really want to give my fans what they deserve, which is for me to promote and travel the world and give the new music to them in the most perfect and accessible way that I can.” Watch video of Lady Gaga on Larry King Live below as she discusses her fans (monsters) and what they mean to her….


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