Marques Houston on Love, Bedroom Sex, and Being Aggressive with Music and TV

“He also speaks on being compared to Trey Songz and others who are known “baby-making” hit makers.”

Over the years, Marques Houston has grown tremendously as a man and an artist. With a woman in his life before his release of the Naked album, in which she inspired, he has shown a more aggressive view in his music and with his love life. Now it isn’t bad to have a lady “kickin’ and screamin'” (the name of his latest single) in the bedroom, a man loves for his woman to put up the fight, in fact allow him to “Pull on Her Hair” (second single off the album), something Marques likes to do himself. Maybe Marques had a point, love and passion do rule the soul analysis, like a second look at what you encounter in life; sometimes it even allows your audience to join you in the bedroom experience too. Mattress Music, dropping July 27th, is full of sensual and sexual experiences, in his words “Someone will be having babies to this album.” Imani of Singersroom interviews Mr. Houston about his television career, IMX reunion and music.

SR: As a solo artist, for this long, how do you feel you have matured?

MH: I think I have matured a lot as a man first. Being in this industry for so long, I will be 29 this year in August, I think as you mature naturally, you mature in your music as well.

SR: How has your music matured?

MH: Your artistry reflects who you are as a person. My voice has definitely matured a lot. I think I’ve gotten better as a musician, writer and producer. And as far as elements of production, I think I am more involved with my career than a few years ago.

SR: So we haven’t seen you on television, are you doing anything on screen or behind the scenes. The last we saw you was in Cuts, and long time favorite, Sister Sister. What do you have in store for us?

MH: I have a few television projects in development. A couple of shows I am on the screen and some I am executive producer. But, I definitely want to get back into acting because I feel like that is one of my strongest positions throughout my career. I miss it.

SR: Is there a woman in your life? Are you dating?

MH: I guess. (Laughs) There is definitely a very special woman in my life right now.

SR: How is the album, Mattress Music, different from the last?

MH: It is very different from the last because this album speaks for itself. It is more sensual and sexy. The last album was about love and finding love. The difference is the last one was very personal and this one is a baby-making album.

SR: Oh, okay so we shouldn’t see any babies soon right?

MH: Oh well, I don’t have any babies, but someone will certainly be making some babies to this album.

SR: You’ve released kickin’ and screamin’, your first single off the album, what was the motive for the title?

MH: Well we were trying to think of different aspects of sexual experiences in the bedroom for this album. Kickin’ and screamin’ is kind of like a term or phrase to express how she is acting in the bedroom. Like “she loves the way I… so she going to be kickin’ and screamin’ “or vice versa. It’s a positive and negative in the sense, when I leave she is kickin’ and screamin’, but when I you know when I’m making love to her; she is kickin’ and screamin’ because she is excited. The song goes both ways.

SR: So your next single, “Pullin’ on Your Hair” is…

MH: Yea. (Laughs) “Pullin on Your Hair” featuring Rick Ross is self explanatory. She loves it when I’m pulling on her hair. It speaks for itself. When you’re making love and you’re pulling on that hair, she loves it. A man being aggressive is what a woman wants in the bedroom and most of the women that I have dated, like aggression and passion.

SR: What were you feeling when you recorded it?

MH: I was feeling very aggressive when I recorded it; actually this entire album. It is very aggressive, passionate and sexy. I feel like you have to be in the zone when you are making music. So all that aggression and passion exudes in this album.

SR: What else should we expect from the album?

MH: You can expect great music. At the end of the day, although the lyrical content and titles are very sexual and aggressive, it is good music. The production is really great. Shout out to Eric, Chris Stokes and myself for producing this entire album. The production is good and really great. This album is something you can kick back to a listen to along with going into the bedroom with it.

SR: Trey Songs released Anticipation last summer as a mixtape, which has done extremely well; do you think your album will compete with his, since you are releasing it in the summer, like he did.

MH: Well, I don’t like to compare myself to anybody. I have been in the business for a long time and I have influence new comers as well as when I entered; I was influenced by R. Kelly, who had that hit “Bump ‘n’ Grind” and more. R. Kelly is the master of that. So with my Naked album, which was in 2005, I think I definitely had some influence over R&B music and albums that came out after Naked. I am not trying to say that I influenced Trey Songz or influence anyone else. Trey Songz and I actually hang out and have worked together in the studio before. I will say I think myself, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and R. Kelly; we have all influenced the sexual side of music. I don’t see it as competition, but as encouragement to hop in the studio. I am a big fan of music and it has had a big impression on me. So when I hear records from another artist, I say “Damn, I need to get in the studio and improve and make some hits myself”. Its friendly competition and at the end of the day, we all want to make good music.

SR: So who influenced this album?

MH: Uh, I would say my special lady. (Laughs) My special lady has really influenced this album and the last album. She along with me growing as a man. Being exposed to this industry and life has been the inspiration behind this album.

SR: Is IMX/Immature having a reunion?

MH: Well, we did a photo shoot and I Twitpic’d it on Twitter, like a past and present photo op and the reaction to how we have changed was large amongst just Twitter itself. A lot of people were very shocked. We have had a few meetings and we have talked about some things, but we will see. I mean, who knows what may happen with that venture.

SR: Where can people find you?

MH: to get all the latest info.

SR: Describe your work in three words.

MH: Complicated. Aggressive. Hard

SR: Aggressive must be your favorite word?

MH: Yea. I am an aggressive man. As I got older, I got more aggressive with my music. I have my own label now, Music Works; you have to be more aggressive, which I am learning to do.

SR: Describe yourself in three words.

MH: Passionate. Loving. Sensitive.

SR: Any last words for Singersroom?

MH: I am passionate about what I do. I love to act, entertain, performer and more. I do not want the fame and glory; ya’ll can have all of that. I am happy. Everyone go buy my album. It releases July 27th and this is really good music. You will enjoy it.
—— By: Interview By Imani Pope


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