Trey Songz Happy To Warm Up For Jay Z, Talks Gold Album

Jay-Z’s ongoing “Blueprint 3 Tour (BP3)” may be a different audience for Grammy-nominated artist Trey Songz but, the “I Invented Sex” singer says he’s happy to warm the crowd up. “This is a hip-hop tour, and although the audience may be Jay’s audience, it’s great to be there to get them warmed up,” Songz told ClickTrack recently. “I’m not looking to do anything different to cater to a hip-hop audience, just leave my heart on the stage.” In related news, Trey Songz is set to premiere the anticipated music for “Neighbors Know My Name” in the coming weeks. While the video, featuring model Jessica White, is high on his list, recognizing his mother for years of support comes first. “The first thing I did was give the plaque to my mom, because she sacrificed a lot for me to be able to do what I do,” Songz says of the recently given Gold certification plaque for “Ready” (the album). “I was proud, and this is a stepping stone for me, but it’s a minuscule part of what I want. I take it, I’m very proud of it, I accept it and I’m proud that so many people have taken part in the album, but I’m on to the next.” As previously reported, Songz is working on a follow up to “Ready” with plans to work with Bryan Michael Cox and Timbaland.


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