Omarion Explains Ollusion ‘People See Someone I’m Not’

When it came time for Omarion to title his just released album, perception ended up playing a major role. Long a topic of discussion from his start with B2K to his ultimate decision to return to music with his own label, Omarion says “Ollusion” is all about people perceiving him to be something he’s not. “It came from me feeling like I’m a really nice guy but throughout my career I’ve been looked at so differently,” Omarion tells “I’m not saying I’m pleading for anybody to like me, but at the same time every time someone talks about O it’s in a negative context. I really don’t understand that a lot of the time. That’s why I put the O in Ollusion because people are always perceiving me as someone I’m not.” One thing Omarion has learned to deal with, when it comes to perception, is blogs and other entertainment related sites. As easy as it is to be loved for his music, Omarion says he now understands how easy it is to be hated online, especially when it comes to Perez Hilton. “Perez Hilton. The drama he creates is amazing. I was on twitter the other day and read something he said, it stated “does anyone care about Omarion anymore?” Like he totally doesn’t even know me,” says Omarion. “I’m a nice guy, I would normally go up and shake his hand. But now when I see the dude I gotta look at him side ways.” Nonetheless, Omarion appreciates blogs and the power they now harness when it comes to perhaps making and breaking an artist. “I really just thinks blogs are apart of the game now. Like bloggers and twitter can really affect album sales now, and that wasn’t the case a few years ago.” Omarion’s third studio effort,”Ollusion,” is now available in stores and online.


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