Pleasure P: Fighting Vicious Lies

Pleasure P, the former crooner of Pretty Ricky we now all know as “Boyfriend Number 2” was just nominated for three Grammy awards. However, the celebration of his nomination was deterred amid a firestorm caused by a recent Twitter leaked rumor, painting the “Under” singer as a disturbed Child Molester. Not one to take the allegations lightly, Mr. Cooper reached out to Singersroom, so that he can set the record straight. You heard the story, now let’s get it straight from the source.

Singersroom: Do you know what lead to the circumstances of the recent allegations?

Pleasure P: Honestly, I don’t know what led to anything, regarding something that’s not true, something that’s false. You know the person that page it came from is not a person at all, and it’s crazy and it’s a vicious nasty lie.

Singersroom: How did you hear about the “vicious lie”, as you say?

Pleasure P: I think I just got off of stage or something and I was on my tour bus, and I just started getting phone calls and stuff and I was like: “Are you serious?!?” So, I went on Twitter and I just started reading comments. I was like: “Wow! People actually…are you serious?” I immediately left my tour and began to stand up for myself and fight back?

Singersroom: How did you feel?

Pleasure P: I mean I felt hurt. It was the day that It was announced I got nominated for three Grammys® It was the same day so it kind of like ruined it, like it happened around the same time. Actually I found out about [the rumor] first before I found out I was nominated for 3 Grammys®.

And of course I’m very upset about it because I have a 5-year-old son that looks up to me, which I care about dearly. He has to go to school and hear stuff like this. Stuff that’s not true and I take it very seriously.

Singersroom: Was there any animosity between you and Pretty Ricky?

Pleasure P: I mean I don’t have any relationship with them, none whatsoever. So, I couldn’t tell you when it comes to that kind of stuff, I don’t speak to them, I don’t talk to them we don’t have a relationship, so…

Singersroom: To your knowledge, was it them (Pretty Ricky) that released to story?

Pleasure P: I can’t say that it’s them, and I can’t say that it’s not them. But my litigation team is working on this night and day, and we’re getting to the bottom of this. We went to Twitter and Twitter suspended the page, and they actually investigating the fake person, or person who’s not a person…its things called IP addresses and stuff like that that you can actually find out the person that did it.

So, I don’t see how people can believe a no-face Blogger, a person that don’t exist, a person that won’t show there face, a person that’s not a person. And for a person to present false and fake documents is just absurd.

Singersroom: How did this affect your family and your career?

Pleasure P: Well it does not affect anything. If people believe lies then I don’t know what to tell them. But I’m just going to keep doing me, I’m going to keep making good music, and I’m going to keep getting nominated for Grammys and I’m going to stay positive. I’m going to take the high road every time. I’m better than that, if I didn’t take the high road I’ll probably end up in jail or something. So, you have to stay away from the negative stuff in life.

Singersroom: What was the reaction from your fans?

Pleasure P: My fans were supportive because my fans know me and they know that’s not P. They actually questioned it first, if you actually sit there and question it, you’d ask “Why? Why now?”… There are a lot of questions you know?

Singersroom: What’s your plan to move on?

Pleasure P: I already moved forward. But I have to keep doing interview after interview after interview and I got to let people know…all over something that’s not true, it’s crazy. Hopefully, a lot of music overshadows all of this nonsense.

Singersroom: So, on a lighter note, your debut album was nominated for 3 Grammy’s what does that feel like, what is your reaction?

Pleasure P: I thought people didn’t listen to my album…I thought nobody really took the time to pay attention to my music. You know, they hear the song on the radio, but they never got the album and actually listened to it. And I was wondering like: “Wow, what is R&B becoming…because I’m giving them R&B but I don’t think that their recognizing me for the good album that I put together.” For the Grammys…like the BET Awards, all of that stuff we never got nominated for nothing, no Soul Train Award no nothing, then for the Grammys to say: “We’re recognizing you.” That’s a big deal for me? I’m happy that the people on the Grammy committee recognized my hard work.

Singersroom: What are your follow up plans, are you back in the studio?

Pleasure P: Yeah, I’m going back in the studio as soon as possible. I’m going on vacation for a week, then I come back and start recording my new album. I’ll be out with a new single in February. So, we’re coming right back at you.

Singersroom: Well, you’re already breaking barriers being nominated for 3 Grammys with your first album, but what else would you like to achieve in your career when it’s all said and done?

Pleasure P: The sky is the limit. I want to do it all, from a clothing line to restaurants, just different business ventures. I think that’s all for me.
—— By: Interview By Lauren M. Walker


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