Top 10 Moments of 2009: #4 Beyonce Redefines Diva ?

Beyonce Redefines Diva : Sasha Fierce Sets Records, Fights Opposition and lands Woman of the Year… Sasha Fierce may be a figment of Beyonce’s imagination but she’s proven to be a winning alterego for the former Destiny’s Child starlet. Answering a self imposed question, Beyonce redefined the word diva in 2009 with the words “a diva is a female version of hustler”. While critics and opposing forces have criticized her choices, wardrobe and marriage this year alone, Beyonce continues to work hard for the title of being the hardest working female in show business. Not only dominating music but film, television, apparel, and retail, Beyonce has made 2009 a banner year. While her third studio album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” was released in November of 2008, the album and its astounding number of successful singles peaked in 2009. To date, “I Am… Sasha Fierce” has spawned eight singles, including the aforementioned “Diva” and its follow up “Ego” as well as the chart-topping hits “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and “Halo”. Labeled with multi-platinum certification (RIAA), “I Am Sasha Fierce” has become much more than an album but has perhaps served as a launch pad for Beyonce. In less than ten months the album has spawned three successful packages including the celebrated “Above and Beyonce DVD/CD” featuring remixes including “Ego” with Kanye West; a concert DVD and behind the scenes package titled “I Am… Yours” and a revamped deluxe edition of “I Am… Sasha Fierce” featuring a remix with fellow 2009 starlet and Billboard Women in Music honoree Lady Gaga. However, as with any measure of success, comes controversy and trouble. Facing opposition while on tour, Beyonce was slammed by extremists who not only believed her dress and stage presence was inappropriate but a catalyst for “unclean behavior”. Lambasted in both Malaysia and Egypt, Beyonce held her head high and continued to make moves worldwide. Partnering with Samantha Thavasa in Japan, Beyonce made a number of high profile appearance showcasing the Thavasa line while also sharing “Sasha Fierce” with Japanese audiences at the country’s heralded Summer Sonic Festival. Overall Beyonce played well over 80 dates worldwide in 2009, including a four night stint at Wynn Las Vegas’ Encore Theater. Getting up close and personal with fans, Beyonce filmed footage from the concerts which not only reached fans in the venue but a worldwide audience through the “I Am… Yours” DVD/Blu ray set and an exclusive ABC special dubbed Beyonce: I AM Yours. Much like she does in the ABC special ‘Beyonce: I AM… Yours,” Beyonce took control of her own destiny behind the camera in 2009. Not only fighting her on screen husband’s seductive temp worker Ali Carter, Beyonce worked behind the scenes as an executive producer in ‘Obsessed’. Taking that experience from ‘Obsessed’ to anime’, Beyonce took on Nick Jr.’s fun spirited children’s program ‘Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!’. Calling the four episode voice role “fun” Beyonce was quoted stating “It was all about my inner child and me being 5 years old all over again.” Beyond the music, films, tours and television related projects; Beyonce gave back and celebrated those who gave to her in 2009. In addition to celebrating a one year wedding anniversary (Jay-Z), Beyonce gave back through Feed America’s ‘Show Your Helping Hand’ campaign by donating food goods and encouraging fans to do the same. Capping off a busy 2009, Beyonce was honored by Billboard’s Women in Music as its pick for Woman of the Year 2009. Citing her work both on and off stage, Women in Music applauded Beyonce’s work ethic, humanitarian efforts and ability to empower and inspire women everywhere (Billboard). While we’re not sure what 2010 holds for Beyonce at this point, she definitely redefined diva in 2009.


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