Top 10 Moments of 2009: #9 R. Kelly Aims For Number One

May the best of past, be the worst of our future. By the grace of God, I’m still here doing it big, R. Kelly told a select few at his Illinois home in 2009. “I’m trying to get back on top of that mountain and roar like the Lion King.” After being declared not guilty in 2008 and laying into the early part of this year, R&B heavyweight R. Kelly made his return to music during late Spring of 2009. Taking it back to his humble beginnings with Public Announcement, when all he had was a demo tape, R. Kelly began anew with a mixtape titled “The Demo Tape”. Later making strides with his first official single “Number One,” in part thanks to Soul Train Award winning singer/songwriter Keri Hilson, Kelly made it a point to not just issue new music but to give back. Giving back in a major way through song, Kelly penned the anticipated comeback single for embattled Grammy Award winning diva Whitney Houston. Reportedly holding on to the song just for Houston, Kelly at one point said “I told her to go get clean and refreshed, and sing my song like ‘I’ll Will Always Love You,’ and we gonna be alright.” Beyond aiding Whitney Houston’s now successful return, Kelly insisted upon giving back to his fans. Titling his latest album “Untitled” for fans, Kelly said “I want whoever listens to the record to call it what they want, name it themselves based on what they feel listening to the music. (MTV News)” After making a historic trip to Africa and touring throughout the continent over the summer, Kelly returned to the states to release a video for the now hit single “Number One” and in signature R.Kelly fashion, announce a tour. Kicked off in October, Kelly’s “Ladies Make Some Noise Tour” launched with positive reviews and support from the self proclaimed “New Bad Boy of R&B” Pleasure P. While Kelly has yet to release “Untitled,” an album that follows a reportedly scrapped “12 Play Fourth Quarter,” the disc will likely arrive in stores late 2009 or early 2010.


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