Trey Songz Talks ‘Invented Sex’ Video, Controversy

Trey Songz lit computer screens and television screens with the music video for “I Invented Sex” earlier this month. Covering Black Men Magazine, Songz explains just why he went ‘ultra’ sexy on the album “Ready” and some of its accompanying music videos (including “Say Aah”. “I wanted it to be sexy, adult, everybody having fun in the video,” says Songz of “Say Aah”. “The song speaks on more so a club atmosphere, but the video is more lofty – sexy women all over the place, adults having fun. This one lady in particular, she’s representing the independent women without taking it over the top. She’s got her own. She takes me back to her crib so we invent sex together.” While the video for “I Invented Sex” is very sensual and Songz’s idea, the inspiration for the video came from a banned ad. “It’s very sensual,” said Trey. “The idea I had, it came from a banned Calvin Klein ad. It was a dude and two girls and they was touching and kissing. I was like, ‘Man, I wanna do that.’ We didn’t go all the way there. I didn’t have two girls, we simulated best we could, and it’s more sensual than raunchy.” “It’s got that knock at the same time. It’s sexy at the same time. Conceptually, it’s mind-blowing to tell a woman, you gonna think we invented sex when we’re done.’ That’s where I am.” Songz appears in the latest issue of Black Men magazine.


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