Teisha Marie: Addicted To Life

Singer-songwriter Teisha Marie describes herself as a very sincere person who loves to laugh. The England-born, Maryland-raised music teacher divides her time between working with the youth and performing songs from her 2008 release, “Addicted To Life.” Singersroom caught up with the self described “music junkie” for a candid interview to learn a little more about her and find out why she is ‘Addicted To Life’.

Singersroom: So Teisha, your debut ‘Addicted To Life’ was released in 2007 or 2008?

Teisha Marie: Actually, Addicted To Life the EP was released in August 2007, then we took probably about two or three songs from the EP, worked on some entirely new songs and released ‘Addicted To Life’ the LP in November 2008. It’s almost a year old exactly.

Singersroom: Who were some of the producers you worked with? Did you write any of the songs?

Teisha Marie: I worked with a whole host of producers, including Ahmed Sirour, he’s actually from Brooklyn but lived in Atlanta, then he moved to London and that’s where he is now. I worked with Barry Talbert, who is a producer out the DC area, BJ Johnson, Steadfast, Antagonist, and Anton Genius from the Chicago area. Most of the producers were based out of the Maryland, DC area, there were a couple from Chicago, and Atlanta. They were all mostly friends or friends of friends. I actually wrote all of the songs but the melodies and music were sent over to me.

Singersroom: What was the inspiration behind “Addicted To Life?”

Teisha Marie: Well, I knew I wanted to write a song about peace and I was kind of just sitting around, listening to this track, which was by Ahmed Sirour over and over and was like, ‘Addicted To Life;’ I know that’s what I’m calling my project. So, I kind of decided to take the first part from what people would say to me all of the time. “Girl, what you gonna do with yourself…seems like you’re always running here or there.” I never really get to say what I really want to say (when people ask me that question) so I just decided to put it in a song. You know, this is my life, and this is my purpose because you know the music industry is not a glamorous life, it takes a lot of hard work. I didn’t set out to say “hey, I want to be in the spotlight”, that wasn’t my intention at all.

Singersroom: I’ve often heard people compare you to Jill Scott, how does that make you feel?

Teisha Marie: It makes me feel great! I’m not one of those people who are like “oh no!” We live in a world where it’s hard not to be influenced by somebody because of the technology. So, I would say that I’m definitely blessed to be compared to her. I feel that if people can identify me with her then maybe they’ll be more open to my music as well.

Singersroom: How important is it for you to be able to connect with the fans through your music, and do you feel that you are doing so?

Teisha Marie: It is very, very important to me. On the lyric side, I seem to be very well connected to my fans and my supporters. It’s intentional every single time that I do it. It’s actually becoming more transparent as time goes on. I say transparent because it’s definitely on a personal level and I’m putting some things out there that I’ve gone through myself.

Singersroom: I understand you got the chance to meet famous producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, tell me about that experience.

Teisha Marie: It was fabulous! I actually lived in the Philadelphia area for about two years and I ended up at a party that was at their studio. It just felt so good to be in that space where so many other great artists had been. I mean Patti Labelle; the list just goes on and on.

Singersroom: Tell me about your latest project. Teisha Marie: The project that I’m working on, I’m really excited about it. I don’t really want to give away the title yet. I’m one of those people who will put something out and will already be thinking about the next project. It’s still in the beginning stages but I’m definitely excited about it.

Singersroom: Are you seeking a major record deal or do you prefer the freedom of expression that comes with being an independent artist?

Teisha Marie: You know, that’s a really funny question! It’s kind of like how it is in a relationship. Do you want to have somebody who’s never there but has lots of money or do you want somebody who’s struggling right along with you and who’s always there? I kind of want someone who’s been there with me all of the time, down to ride with me no matter what. I don’t oppose a major deal if it’s the right fit, but that seems to be rare in this day and age. So, I’m all for being able to be in control of everything that I put out there and being involved in things that you kind of learn on a day to day basis.

Singersroom: Who are some of your favorite artists out right now?

Teisha Marie: Ooh, that’s a hard one because I’m a music junkie! I’ve got CD’s all over the car, all over the house, it’s just crazy. Right now, I’m really into Fleet Foxes, The Bird and the Bee, Kenny Wesley, Ledisi, Eric Roberson, Ra-Re Valverde, and Sarah Devine.

Singersroom: Are you doing any touring right now? Where can we catch a live performance from Teisha Marie?

Teisha Marie: It’s kind of up in the air right now but, I’m mostly performing in the Maryland, DC area. But, you can definitely find out more information at my Myspace page, Facebook, or ReverbNation.

To find out more about Teisha Marie visit: www.teishamarie.com, www.myspace.com/teishamarie360, www.reverbnation.com/teishamarie. Music available at CDbaby.com, iTunes, and in stores at Reflections Emporium (Springfield, MA), Moods Music (ATL), Melody Records(DC) & Annie’s Art Gallery (MD). —— By: Interview By Tiffany Haggerty


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