Glam’d: Nail Envy!

You may have noticed many celebrities trying new colors and styles on their fingernails to further accentuate their outfits. The most popular nail trend right now is the Minx’d nail. The Minx’d nail can bee seen on the hands of Keri Hilson, Rihanna and Eve. What makes the Minx nail so hot is the variety of looks that you can achieve with it. Minx is actually a foil film that goes over the nail rather than your typical nail polish. With Minx nails you can get just about anything put on your nails from a picture of Obama to a designer logo to an animal print. The process of getting your nails Minx’d last about 20 minutes. Basically you would go to a salon and get your nails cleaned and buffed while the Minx foil is heated under a hot lamp. Afterwards the Minx design is applied to each nail and cut to fit the nail to perfection. Minx nails lasts a little over a week before you will need to make it back to the salon for a do over.

Another cute nail trend is the Moon Manicure. The Moon Manicure was actually a popular nail trend back in the 20’s that has resurfaced today on runways and in magazines as the new Fall 2009 nail trend. To create this look you would choose two nail colors and apply the two colors on each nail in the shape of a crescent moon. Try using black and white for an updated French Manicure look.

The Ombre Manicure is another popular nail trend that basically consists of using two or more different shades of one color on your nails. For example, you can use a hot pink color with a soft pink color to create this look. Once you have chosen the shades that you would like to use, simply apply the colors to your nails in order from lightest to darkest. The key to achieving this look is to alternate a shade on each nail.

I would encourage you to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your nail tech to achieve these fab looks. All eyes will be not only on you but your “pretty tens” as well. All it takes is one manicure and your nails will never be the same!
—— By: Nisha Yvette


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