Jaicko: Authoring Destiny

Caribbean fused-pop is what he calls it – a new sound that will keep your heads bopping and feet tapping. To burgeoning teenage singer Jaicko, his sound is nothing new but it is something he hopes the world will come to love and embrace.

Hailing from the Island of Barbados, Jaicko is not new to this game. In fact, the “Oh Yeah” singer has already gone head-to-head with Rihanna at the Barbados Music Awards and with the help of his father sold a considerable amount of music independently before reaching American shores with eyes set on international success. Today, Jaicko looks forward to releasing his Capitol Records debut while also making the world feel good with songs like “Oh Yeah”.

In this exclusive interview with Singersroom, Jaicko talks about his success prior to signing with Capitol, garnering motivation from Rihanna; the music video for “Oh Yeah” and comparisons to fellow entertainer Chris Brown.

Singersroom: Before you signed with Capitol you had experienced immense success in Barbados. How long had you been pursuing music?

Jaicko: From the time I was nine years old I’ve been pursuing a career in music. When I was nine years old I started to take music more seriously, as all my dad’s side of the family were very musically inclined. So, I kind of followed on in their footsteps and continued on the family’s legacy.

Singersroom: I read that you originally were a rapper, what made you ultimately switch over to R&B?

Jaicko: Well I always knew I could sing, like back in those days you couldn’t be a rapper and a singer, the lines were so divided like if you were a rapper it wasn’t cool to be a singer; whereas now people are experimenting with different things. But back then I guess it was just a phase for me. But, I always knew I could sing but I just never really had enough confidence to really do it. Then eventually, I just grew up and really started to take it seriously, You know?

Singersroom: Does writing songs with your father, because you all are a song writing duo, limit the subject topics?

Jaicko: Not at all, because me and my dad we have that kind of relationship like, we’re like best friends. Even though I respect him as a father we still have that kind of relationship where we’re able to discuss a lot of things. Like, I talk to him about girls and stuff like that, so it’s very easy to be able to work with him like that. No problem.

Singersroom: There is an increase in the amount of Caribbean singers coming into the U.S. entertainment scene, such as Rihanna, Hal Linton, Lilly Frank, etc, how do you differ yourself from them?

Jaicko: I mean we’re all from the Caribbean but we’re all doing different genres of music. Like Hal Linton is Neo Soul, Lilly Frank is more European pop, like my music is just, Caribbean infused pop. Like taken from the Caribbean and bringing it to America, just fusing it with some pop music. Caribbean Infused baby! (laughter)

Singersroom: You are currently shooting your first video, can you tell me about the concept?

Jaicko: Well, the name of the song’s called “Oh Yeah” and the concept of the video is real cool you know like walking down the street, then you know like you see this eye candy girl and you holler at the girl. Then there’s a performance scene at the end of the video where you have the crowd… A very basic video it captures me as an artist; didn’t want to go too creative in the first video, you know I want people to see my face first before I get into all the craziness.

Singersroom: You were nominated alongside Rihanna at the Barbados Music Awards, has Rihanna’s rise from the same area inspired you?

Jaicko: Oh yeah, even though I was pursuing my international career way before Rihanna, when she came through and got signed it was like ‘maybe this is possible.’ You know there are always doubts; a lot of us had doubts that maybe this wouldn’t work; maybe Barbados is not the right place. Then when she came and blew up that was a lot of motivation, sent out a message to a lot of artist that you know what we could do this. So that was definitely something that inspired me to push harder and work hard at getting what I wanted.

Singersroom: Which song/track have you heard that you wish had been yours?

Jaicko: I really can’t answer that I don’t know I have to think about that…

Jaicko: Well when Sean Kingston first came out a lot of people was saying that that song [Beautiful Girls] should have been mine. At that time we were doing the similar styles of music. I was still making the transition in from rapping to singing, experimenting with different styles, and around that time I was doing that kind of music. So I’d say “Beautiful Girls” that was so me. I use to perform it back home in Barbados, and a lot of people were like ‘Damn, that should have been your song.’ Much love to Sean Kingston.

Singersroom: Name one fashion related item that makes you feel powerful?

Jaicko: I have this black crucifix that I wear all the time. It makes me feel pretty powerful, because I’m a very spiritual guy as well. I like to stay very close to the Lord; you know I pray a lot. It makes me feel powerful, you know walking out with that on your neck makes me feel protected. That’s how I live. ‘Who God bless no man curse’

Singersroom: Who in entertainment gave you the best advice?

Jaicko: I would have to say my dad. Because he’s always been there from the beginning, he’s always been able to be around and help me see the different things, coming from Barbados stepping into a big industry he was always there to guide me and protect me from everything.

Singersroom: What was the advice?

Jaicko: Stay focused. Sometimes Hollywood gets to you, but stay focus, stay humble and stay grounded.

Singersroom: Simple but great. What you think of the trend of females cutting their hair?

I mean I don’t like to stereotype, but whatever you feel you do your thing. I mean it looked kind of cool on Rihanna. I thought it was cool; I like to do things that are very different myself.

Singersroom: When it’s all said and done and you retire from this music game, what legacy would you like to leave behind?

Jaicko: Wow, a very successful one. I’d definitely like, 30 years from now, people to be able to be listening to my records, and seeing what a good person I was…all the stuff that eventually I plan to do in the community… leave a great legacy. Longevity is one of the most important things, I don’t see myself as a fast food artist, I like to make music that you know 10, 20… a million years from now you’ll still be playing my records.

Singersroom: You are already being compared to Chris Brown, how do you feel about that ?

Jaicko: I mean I’m a big fan of Chris Brown, but I can’t compare myself to Chris Brown. I still see us as two different artists. I’m so different coming from the Caribbean. I don’t try to crump or break dance. I think I have my own thing going on. But it’s cool that people compare to a very successful artist, it’s cool at least they recognize that my music is on that level. —— By: Interview By Lauren Walker


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