Chrishan: The New Bad Boy

No he’s not down with the Bad Boy crew but he is the new “Bad Boy” of R&B. Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Performer are just a few of the words you can use to describe 20 year old Chrishan, born Christopher Dotson. Growing up in a musically inclined family that includes such acts as “The Dotsons” and soul singer Lyfe Jennings, it was eminent for Chrishan to test the waters. With the help of his father, who taught him the ins and out of the music business as well as perfecting his craft, at 17 yrs old Chrishan began to plant the seed that is now his budding music career. Following the footsteps of many artist he released his first single, “2 Late 4 Us”, independently, selling over 15,000 units. It wasn’t soon after that, that major label execs were reaching out to the Young Boss!

On the heels of preparing for his debut album to be released, Chrishan is gearing up to put Minnesota on the map musically with his first single, “Look At Me Now”.

Singersroom: What is the one must have accessory you never leave the house without?

Chrishan: I would have to say my Gucci belt.

Singersroom: If you were to walk in a room and have your scent linger what scent would that be?

Chrishan: Sean John

Singersroom: Would that be KING?

Chrishan: Yea

Singersroom: What do you think is the hottest fashion trend out right now?

Chrishan: Sneakers with straps like Supras, and the Air Yeezys. I’m a huge sneaker fiend.

Singersroom: Who is your favorite designer?

Chrishan: I would have to say Kanye West. I like his Louis Vuitton shoe collection.

Singersroom: What piece of clothing do you find sexiest on a woman?

Chrishan: You’re going to laugh when I say this but I think its sexy when a woman puts on my clothes. Like my sweats and T-shirt.

Singersroom: That’s not weird because a lot of guys actual prefer something so basic like that. It’s us women who complicate things.

Chrishan: Yea (laughs)

Singersroom: Where are going to move on to love now. What would you say is the sweetest thing you’ve done for a girlfriend?

Chrishan: I wanted to ask a girl to this sweetheart dance at my school for valentine’s day so I decorated her entire room with rose petals, and pictures of us. I cut out construction paper hearts and strung them up in her room also.

Singersroom: That is so sweet. It’s something you see on these reality shows. Her parents let you in her bedroom to do all that?

Chrishan: Yea, this was a girl I was dating for like a year. So they were cool with it.

Singersroom: What’s the most attractive feature on a woman to you?

Chrishan: Eyes.

Singersroom: Do you believe that eyes are the window to the soul?

Chrishan: Yea (laughs)

Singersroom: What exactly is it? The shape, color?

Chrishan: Color. Like light brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes. Green eyes especially.

Singersroom: So anything that looks exotic?

Chrishan: Yea, pretty much.

Singersroom: What is your definition of Love?

Chrishan: My definition of Love would be when someone shares the same understanding as you, the same level of respect, and someone who is into it as much as I’m into it.

Singersroom: What is your idea of a perfect date?

Chrishan: It might sound boring but dinner and a movie. Dinner first then a late night movie.

Singersroom: It’s said that Chocolates mean “I Love You” and Flowers mean “I’m Sorry”. Based on your track record with women what type of guy are you, a flower sender or a chocolate giver?

Chrishan: (Laughs) I’ve given a lot of flowers. So I guess a flower sender.

Singersroom: I bet after hearing this you’ll be a chocolate giver.

Chrishan: Yea (laughs)

Singersroom: Now let’s get down to your music. At what age did you decide you really wanted to be in the music business?

Chrishan: It wasn’t a particular age. I would sit in the backseat singing Michael Jackson so my Dad started to train me on how to use my voice. Then at 16 I took that and grew into my own artist and started singing in my own style. Then at 17 I decided I’d get serious and put an album together.

Singersroom: If you could make a Chrishan Gumbo what three musical influences would you add to make it complete?

Chrishan: I would have to say Chico Debarge. His voice is crazy. Michael Jackson and Tevin Campbell. I would sing a lot of Tevin Campbell songs to train my voice. He’s the reason my voice is the way it is.

Singersroom: Do you write your own music?

Chrishan: Yes

Singersroom: What do you think about when it’s time for you to write a song?

Chrishan: I think of personal experiences. Everything in my music is something I’ve gone through in the past or currently.

Singersroom: Do you wait to listen to the beat before you start the writing process or you just write and then when you get the beat arrange it?

Chrishan: Both. Mostly I’m just always writing. A lot of people don’t know I wrote, “2 Late 4 Us” when I was 15 and recorded it when I was 17.

Singersroom: What do you think separates your music from everyone else?

Chrishan: My music shows the realness of relationships. I’m not going to sugar coat anything for you. I’m going to talk about the fights. All the bad things people are afraid to talk about.

Singersroom: There’s a lot of artist who may get one hit but lack longevity in this business. How do you prepare yourself to have a successful lengthy career in the fickle music business today?

Chrishan: Pattern myself after the greats! I will not over expose myself or over saturate the market. By just making good music. You won’t hear a Chrishan hook on every song on the radio. When I was preparing to make my album my Dad told me, “Every one song should be a single”. So instead of having a full album with maybe one or two singles and the rest be considered fillers I try to make sure all my songs have single potential. —— By: Interview By Summer Terry


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