Fall Into A New Season With Style!

Summer is quickly coming to an end and before you know it the trees will be turning orange and the summer heat will turn into cooler breeze. As a fashionista you know that as the seasons change so should your wardrobe. You will soon have to part ways with your sexy summer dresses and opened toe shoes. However, there is no need to fret because the fall fashions trends that await you will have you anticipating the upcoming season.

Faux Fur. Although there is really no substitute for wearing real fur, however, faux fur is making a comeback this fall in new colors while being virtually found on everything from shoes to purses to earrings. Don’t commit a fashion faux pas by not picking up a stylish faux fur!

Thigh High Boots. Thigh high boots/shoes seem to never go out of style for the fall season. Thigh high boots are so versatile that they can be pieced with either skinny jeans or a cute mini. Show them how creative you can get and work your magic around these fall must haves.

Sequins. Sequins are making a come back this fall. Found on everything from purses to dresses, women who love to “bedazzle” will be anxious to sport this hot trend.

Leather, Leather and More Leather. Can you ever go wrong with leather? Leather will always be a hot fall/winter must have. You can embrace your inner rocker-chick by slipping into some fitted leather pants or a tight leather mini this fall season.

The Harem Pants. Most call the Harem Pants an upgrade to the Hammer Pants or Parachute Pants that were made popular by MC Hammer back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Only a true fashionista is bold enough to rock this fall trend. Not only do you need the right accessories but you gotta have the confidence to pull this look off.

Animal Prints. Animal prints tend to go in and out of season but they have managed to come back on the scene for this fall. Animal prints are showing up on leggings, purses, dresses and accessories. Please be careful when rocking this trend! Too much can prove to be a fashion nightmare. If you are going to rock the print as an accessory then your outfit should be solid in color and vice versa.

Well I hope I have helped you all in preparing for this upcoming season. Get ready to break necks ladies!!

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—— By: Nisha Yvette


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