Whitney Houston Shaking Off Mariah Carey’s Memoirs ?

Ever since the word diva became popular and was later embellished by networks, including VH1 (Divas Live, VH1 Divas), chart-topping artists including Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Beyonce, Celine Dion and both Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey have been pitted against each other. In recent years the term diva and the word ‘beef’ have even come together with some ‘divas’ expressing displeasure towards one another and … more publicly than ever. According to some, one of the aforementioned divas is worried about her next album. Sources say Mariah Carey is shaking over Whitney Houston’s forthcoming project “I Look To You,” which arrives in stores August 31. Originally set for release just one week apart, Houston and Carey’s discs (“I Look To You” and “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel”) have been mentioned on nearly every music-related website, magazine, newspaper, or televised outlet worldwide. But, according to sources close to Mariah Carey, who originally had Houston ‘beat’ with an earlier single release and album release date, the “Make It Happen” and “Obsessed” singer is afraid of being overshadowed. ‘She’s getting very nervous now that Whitney Houston is coming back,” a source told Page Six. That source, who also claims that Carey has hired a new team to oversee the promotion of “Memoirs…,” says Carey’s new manager Chris Lighty would not comment on the progress of the album, which was to have been completed by now. Lighty reportedly told Page Six that he is “dealing with music, brand extensions and commercial opportunities” but, when asked about the progress claimed he was “at the beach” and couldn’t be bothered. Carey had worked with noted celebrity manager Benny Medina (Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks) prior but, allegedly made adjustments to that relationship in 2008. In addition to rumored ‘behind the scenes’ troubles, Carey may have to face off with Houston and other divas this fall. Grammy winning and nominated favorites including Toni Braxton and Monica have new efforts on the horizon, as do pop stars Nelly Furtado and Shakira, in addition to highly anticipated music from a post-divorce-filing Usher. While the rumors surrounding Carey’s album and follow up to the summer single “Obsessed” continue to run across the net, the “E=MC2” diva remains positive. Tweeting earlier this month, Carey told Twitter fans “Just left rehearsal.. Honestly, I miss my “extended family” right now.. Pls let me know if you’re still here! Finally at range now at last!”. Carey is also prepping for a four night stint at Las Vegas’ The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort. As for Whitney Houston, a special performance on ABC’s Good Morning America has been confirmed in addition to a sitdown interview/update with ABC and a special release date of Monday, August 31 for “I Look To You”. Houston also unveiled the single “Million Dollar Bill” recently and along with Carey, may be on the roster for VH1’s upcoming VH1 Divas broadcast September 17.


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