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Like a rising phoenix, Drew Sidora is ready to strike the music scene with a new found home at Slip N’ Slide Records and a promising vision. More than just a face you might have seen in the films Step Up and White Chicks or even on television via the CW sitcom The Game, Sidora is focused on bringing quality and inspiring music to the world.

In this exclusive interview with Singersroom, Sidora dives into her forthcoming debut, those she has worked with, including Ne-Yo and Missy Elliott, and how she hopes to inspire others. Not only an experienced actress but a Chicago raised artist and dancer who has been recording since the age of thirteen, Sidora believes in speaking her mind and defying boundaries while staying true to her roots.

Singersroom: You are now signed to Slip N’ Slide Records, how did the deal come about?

Drew Sidora: The deal happened in December of last year. I kind of call it my Christmas present. I’ve been trying to get a deal since the age of 13 and just grew up singing and in the studio. My management team initiated the deal first and it really just happened through the internet and over the phone. I never went down to meet them and I had never been to Miami in my life but, they heard the music, caught the vision and respected the fact that I had done all the movies and were just excited about the transition of being an actress turned into starting a musical career. It was just great timing and a blessing. Slip N Slide is fifteen years of success. They’ve never done pop, so I’m the first pop female on the roster. So it’s just exciting. We’re just trying to make history. They’re opening up a whole new arena at the label. I feel really lucky to be part of the family and when they say ‘family’ it really is that. The office is like a house. When you go it’s like Motown; they’re about building, molding and creating an artist.

Singersroom: With being in the company of Rick Ross, Plies and Trina, who are strong in Hip Hop and known for speaking their mind, should we expect the same from you?

Drew Sidora: Definitely. I’ve been doing a lot of movie and television roles so this is an opportunity for people to know who I am as a person and know what I’ve been through: whether it’s me being in love or me going through heartbreak and just life experiences. I’ve traveled internationally, so just being able to talk about that and being a voice for the young people and sharing all of those things that I’ve witnessed and seen, I think that’s pretty much why I’m excited about my musical project. It is going to really be all of my emotions and all of what I’ve gone through in an album.

Singersroom: Because a lot of people may recognize you from television and film, especially from your stint on The Game, what can’t or haven’t you been able to say on film or on television that you definitely want to voice in music?

Drew Sidora: When I’m doing a film or television shows I’m taking someone else’s vision or baby and I’m basically putting myself into that character and making it more personal.. But, when it comes to my music I’m really able to express myself. So it’s more like my baby and my creation or my vision and my voice of what I’m trying to portray. I think what I want from my music is for it to be inspiring, especially for young women out there that may not have anyone to talk to or express themselves.

Singersroom: Tell me about the album. Have you collaborated with any of your label mates?

Drew Sidora: I’ve been working. Right now I have a catalog of about sixty records. So far I have had the chance to work with my label mate Atiba, who is a phenomenal artist signed to Slip N’Slide. I’ve also collaborated with Trina on her upcoming LP; in the studio with (Cainon) Lamb who produced my first single. He is a producer out of Miami who did Jazmine Sullivan’s “Need U Bad.” He is an incredible producer; he also did “Let It Go” for Keyshia Cole. So he did my official first single which is called “Ladies Go” featuring Missy Elliott.

I wrote a song with Ne-Yo. I’m excited to continue working with him as well. Just a lot of great producers. Rodney Jerkins, Big Tank and then a lot of up and coming producers from Chicago, which is where I’m from. I’ve got a song with Twista and an up and coming artist by the name of The Pope and J Josh, the next big producer coming out of Chicago. He’s my little treasure; he’s like my little strawberries on top. He’s not really mainstream yet but, he’s so phenomenal.

Singersroom: So you’ve got a full stack there.

Drew Sidora: Yes. I’m just getting started. I look forward to working with a multitude of other artists as well.

Singersroom: Now you mentioned the collaboration with Missy Elliott, will that be the first single?

Drew Sidora: Yes [Ladies Go] is definitely coming to radio first week in August, so look out for that. It’s coming fresh out of the studio. It is a club energetic and ladies empowering, dance record. It’s definitely something for the clubs.

Singersroom: Can we expect to see you showing off your choreography/dance skills in a video for that single?

Drew Sidora: Oh my gosh yes. I love dancing. I grew up doing all of that… Ballet, tap, jazz, and Hip Hop. And I just did a movie called B Girl, which is a break dancing film. So all kinds of dance. I’m looking to introduce a lot of Chicago dancing that a lot of the world may not have seen, foot working being one.

Singersroom: I respect that. Have you come up with a title for the album?

Drew Sidora: It’s in the works. Right now I’m going with “Alter Ego” because I’m an actress and on the flip side an artist.

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—— By: Interview By Njai Joszor


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