Mishon: Lessons Learned

Growing up in front of family, much less in the public eye, you quickly learn the ropes from your parents, friends, and other influences. But reaching the coveted teenage years with a separate set of television parents and a team of producers and songwriters awaiting your next move can be hectic. For burgeoning singer/actor Mishon, juggling a budding career on both sides of the track has been a learning experience – one he attributes to the title of his soon-to-be released album “The Yearbook.”

Sitting down with Singersroom for an exclusive interview, Mishon sheds light on his life both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. In addition, the growing teen, also known as Tay on ABC Family’s ‘Lincoln Heights’ gives us a small hint as to where his character is going and where he looks to take his music in the future.

Singersroom: You’re a busy young man working on both music and television, tell me about this new single “Just A Kiss”…. what should your fans take from the song?

Mishon: I think mainly from a woman’s standpoint, take me as more of gentleman. I’m not the kind of guy to say I want it. I’m saying it’s just a kiss.

Singersroom: On the song you’re mannerable with the ladies. Are you a young man who opens the door for a young lady and gives her your jacket if it’s a little cold?

Mishon: Yes. Definitely.

Singersroom: With that said, do you believe in chivalry. Would you credit mom or dad for teaching you about those things, basically the art of chivalry?

Mishon: I think that’s just something I picked up (growing up).

Singersroom: Do you think it might be missing in today’s culture?

Mishon: I don’t think many people teach it as much and I think it is missing in the world today.

Singersroom: I agree. Will there be a video for you new single “Just A Kiss?”

Mishon: Yes. The director was Paul Hunter and the video is going to be crazy. Be on the lookout for that real soon.

Singersroom: Keke Palmer was in the video for your last single “Excuse Me Mama.” What was it like working with her?

Mishon: We’ve been friends for sometime. It was fun. We got to hang, chill and just have fun. It was a good experience… Big ups to KeKe!

Singersroom: Keke, like you have, has stepped into music. When it comes to choreography for your Live! shows, is putting steps together for the show more challenging than acting classes?

Mishon: With acting classes it’s more mental and it’s psychological. I can tell you that it is tougher for me, because I’m an athletic person, than taking a choreographer class because that’s always been a part of my life.

Singersroom: Speaking of classes, your album is titled “The Yearbook.” Is there a story behind that title?

Mishon: I felt like during the year that we recorded the album, it felt like a school year. You had your ups and your downs and your good and bad days. You had your lessons learned. So I felt like the yearbook was perfect.

Singersroom: Cool. So it is related to your journey from the first album forward?

Mishon: Yes.

Singersroom: Do you have a few songs that you think are the best?

Mishon: No I can’t say.

Singersroom: What was the best part of recording “The Yearbook?”

Mishon: I loved every second of it, being in the studio recording it. We recorded about sixty songs. I think the best part of being in the studio was just working with the different producers and writers and getting to see how they work and their whole vibe of being in the studio and soaking up all that great energy.

Singersroom: Lincoln Height has been confirmed for a new season this fall. Can you tell us where Tay might be going or what might be in store for the new season?

Mishon: You can say my character next season will be more open… This season is definitely going to be bigger, better, more exiting and more dramatic. I think everybody is going to love it.

Singersroom: Some may not realize the gravity of music in Hollywood. How important do you think music is, especially on scenes in Lincoln Heights?

Mishon: Music has major gravity on it. Just the way that people use music to create moods and to mold the scene. I think music has major gravity on different emotions and different settings.

Singersroom: At Singersroom we have the motto “I Love R&B.” What do you love about R&B music?

Mishon: I think I just love music in general because it creates those moments where you just feel it deep in your soul.

Singersroom: Who did you enjoy listening to growing up? Who inspired you?

Mishon: I definitely love listening to Mike (Michael Jackson), Usher and a lot of other artists.
—— By: Interview By Njai Joszor


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