Violated Rihanna Fights Back, Is It Too Little, Too Late

Rihanna’s camp has reportedly fired off requests to have the singer’s alleged nude photos removed from the net. However, the photos, which allegedly reveal everything from the knee up, remain on their original source over twelve hours later. In a letter sent to at least one website, Rihanna’s record label demanded that “unauthorized” photos violating “artist’s rights” be removed immediately. But, the label was careful not to confirm whether the photos were truly Rihanna since several body shots do not reveal Rihanna’s face. Using the words “unauthorized photos purported to be Rihanna,” the diva’s legal team avoided confirmation but also failed to mention Chris Brown. Brown is allegedly the man photographed sitting on a bed shirtless with pink panties on his head. In related news, Rihanna and Brown’s alleged photos might just be the beginning. Sources say there could be a sex tape that accompanies the couples alleged hotel room romp…. click here for more on that story.


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