Chris Brown Lawyer Talks Case Dismissal, LAPD ‘Misconduct’ Motion

Rumors that have encircled Chris Brown’s case and the possibility of it being thrown out due to LAPD leaks might become a reality. In a report issued late Wednesday, Brown attorney Mark Geragos filed a motion (request) to review documents related to leaked documents and evidence, including Rihanna’s released photo. In effect Geragos believes the illegal leak of evidence was harmful to his client. The motion, which also states that Rihanna “requested that the police records related to this incident be kept confidential” and that a “request for confidentiality of information was completed,” includes a controversial statement from Geragos that is likely to shake up the case: “In this case specifically, the leaking of a photograph (whether for profit or not) of a complaining witness violates a variety of criminal and regulatory prohibitions. In and of itself these actions would not only constitute demonstratable bias on the part of the involved officers but could potentially be the basis for a Motion to Dismiss Outrageous Governmental Misconduct.” According to TMZ, who obtained and released a photograph of Rihanna taken after the alleged beating at the hands of Brown, Geragos could end up filing a motion to dismiss the case entirely based upon the LAPD’s alleged misconduct. Brown’s case is due to resume May 28.


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