Chris Brown To ‘Kiss’ Off Felony Charges Thanks To Rihanna’s ‘Over’ Plea ?

With Monday’s not guilty plea, R&B singer Chris Brown appeared to be confident in his attorneys and a potential plea deal. In fact, some sources believe the singer could walk away with nothing but a scratch on his criminal record ! For weeks there has been talk of a major plea deal between Brown’s attorneys and the Los Angeles District Attorney but, Rihanna attorney Donald Etra also appears to be acting in the interest of his client more than ever before. “Rihanna would be pleased if it were over quickly,” Etra told reporters outside Brown’s arraignment Monday. So what does this mean for the District Attorney and more importantly Brown, who clearly is taking a gamble by pleading not guilty ? “It’s not a cut and dried case, ” said a source affiliated with MSNBC. “He (Brown) has to look out for himself, too. He’ll be much better off long term if he can be found not guilty when this is all over”. If and when a deal comes down it will however be at the discretion of the District Attorney as confirmed by Donald Etra. “It is up to the District Attorney,” Etra said Monday aware that the District Attorney will have to answer to leaked evidence including Rihanna’s post beating photo which could also effect the felony charged case. For Chris Brown, the quietest and quickest exit from this entire case appears to be a necessity in order for his career to move forward but is Rihanna’s blatant admission of “I want this over also” (through her lawyer) bad for not only her career but other women who have been in similar situations ? Chris Brown is due in court for a preliminary hearing April 29.


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