Day 26 Talks Domestic Violence Through ‘Saving Daughters’ Partnership

Making the Band 4 and Bad Boy Recording stars Day 26 have taken steps to not only speak out on domestic violence but, to also encourage young women to value their self worth. Earlier this week Day 26, including Robert, Que, Willie, Brian Angel and Mike, took time out to speak with both 11th and 12th grade students at Atlanta’s McNair High School as part of the “Saving Our Daughters” series. Each member participated in a panel encouraging each young woman through their own personal insight, except for Que, who joined adoring fans in the audience. Some of the questions that were answered included: • What advice would you give a teen going through an abusive relationship? • If you are in a relationship and your significant other hits you, what should you do? • Do you know someone that is in or has ever been in an abusive relationship? At the end of the discussion, Day 26 member Will left the girls with a final message, “don’t stay in an abusive relationship, get out and run to find help!” Beginning in April, It’s Cool to be Smart, the “Saving Our Daughters” speaking series, and Day 26 will collaborate to help champion positive messages to teenagers in select high schools across the country.


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