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Few recording artists are coined an ‘artist to watch’ at both Billboard and the New York Post and then within months hit the stage with the likes of established Grammy Award-winning stars Adele and Gavin DeGraw. However, Aware/Columbia Recording artist Angel Taylor fits that exact mold at the age of twenty!

Hailing from Southern California, Taylor has not only the Pop music scene talking but Country as well. In fact, she’s even penned a song for Toni Braxton. Slated to release her debut album “Love Travels” this Spring, Angel Taylor sat down to speak with Singersroom before hitting the road with Gavin DeGraw to discuss the forthcoming album, touring with recent Grammy-winner Adele, John Mayer and even why she thinks Twitter has taken off – after all Angel Taylor’s story began with an email and persistence at the age of 18….

Singersroom: First off, for those who may be unfamiliar with you. Who is Angel Taylor?

Angel Taylor: I am a singer/songwriter from Southern California. I’ve said many times that my influence comes from experience and so I try and share as much as I can through the music.

Singersroom: How did your deal with Aware/Columbia Records come about?

Angel Taylor: It’s kind of a long story but I’ll give you a shortened version. I emailed Jason Reed after playing at a coffee shop in my hometown for a while to try and get my music out on CD. I emailed him to ask who he worked with and he was kind enough to respond and said Michael Blue. I emailed Michael via Myspace and at the same time I had applied to a college by my house. He didn’t respond so I took it as a no. Eventually he responded a month later, right before school started and I ended up sending him a song… a little demo thing I had done with a friend. After Michael heard it, he emailed me back asking me for my phone number. Then he called me, asking me to come to the studio. I made a trip down there and he said “I’d love to work with you.” He flew me out to New York and I was going to see a showcase at the time and my mom came with me. I was 19 at the time and we went with Jason Reed to the “Living room” but, I couldn’t get in unless I was singing so I asked if I could perform a few songs. I sang a set of songs and my mom and I went to see the sights in New York. Michael called and signed me, now we have “Love Travels.” Columbia was one of the last to join in.

Singersroom: “Love Travels” has been a great listen thus far, especially “Chai Tea Latte” and “Make Me Believe.” Was “Chai,” also noted for it’s connection to Starbuck’s and a multi-cultural love, based on a relationship that you went through?

Angel Taylor: I’ve only had one boyfriend in my life and it was for three months. I wrote “Chai” when I was 18 and a freshman in college. “Chai” was really about all the things I could have said to him, but I really didn’t. I guess I really can’t call him a true boyfriend.

Singersroom: How did you come up with the title “Love Travels,” is there a story behind that title?

Angel Taylor: Yeah. It’s cool because it’s kind of an open ended thing. I feel like you can take it a couple different ways. You could think of it physically…like someone’s love travels or someone’s journey into love and how love literally lives within people.

The idea came to me freely and I think once I pitched it, everybody loved it. Choosing it was very easy…

Singersroom: There is also a record titled “Make Me Believe,” what was the inspiration behind that particular record ?

Angel Taylor: Me and Michael actually wrote that song together. A lot of it has to do with the boyfriend I had at the time but we were kind of just trying to get a single and it worked out. It was a very easy song to write.

Singersroom: Now, “Make Me Believe” is your new single right?

Angel Taylor: Yes. It is.

Singersroom: Is there a music video for that single coming soon ?

Angel Taylor: There is. It’s coming soon.

Singersroom: Now you’re also going on tour with Gavin DeGraw, what did you do when you got the news?

Angel Taylor: I was ecstatic. I remember going in Walmart to buy his music. I think his music is fantastic and I’ve been a fan since the beginning. The thought of touring with him is very exciting to me and I think it’s going to be a good run.

Singersroom: That’s a great opportunity and you’ve toured with Adele as well? How was your experience working with her?

Angel Taylor: It was fun. I thought it was going to be more difficult than it was because it was my first time (touring). Adele ended up being a sweetheart though.

Singersroom: What should fans expect to hear on “Love Travels?”

Angel Taylor: It’s a hopeful record but there are also a few heartbreak songs on there. If you want a good cry there’s some of those. But foremost a lot of it is hopeful if anything.

Singersroom: Where would you like to see yourself in … let’s say 5 years?

Angel Taylor: I’ll be almost twenty six – that’s weird — I would like to see myself as already gone Platinum. If I go Platinum by twenty-six I’ll be stoked. That’s like my goal at this point.

Singersroom: With that said, in addition to Alicia Keys, who you’ve covered before, who would you say inspired your work coming up?

Angel Taylor: John Mayer…hands down.

Singersroom: Great. Do you have a favorite song or album?

Angel Taylor: There’s so many songs. I go through seasons. I don’t have just one favorite but, I love John Mayer.

Singersroom: How can fans stay up to date with you. Are you tweeting?

Angel Taylor: I’m learning Twitter. Twitter me up for day to day stuff. My official site has touring information though.

Singersroom: Are you “Green” (new) to tweeting?

Angel Taylor: It’s a new thing that I have to get use to.

Singersroom: Yeah it seems like everyone’s tweeting now…

Angel Taylor: It’s weird. Gossip Girl…that’s what it is.

—— By: Interview By: Njai Joszor


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