Rihanna’s Leaked Photo Kicks off ‘Rihanna Law’ Petition, Legal Talk

Rihanna’s much-talked-about post beating photograph has now become the focus of an ongoing battle to strengthen privacy rights and consequences for releasing photos or information that exploits victims of crimes. The proposed law, currently titled “Rihanna’s Law,” has been gaining traction in recent weeks — this after the Los Angeles Police Department said it would pursue those who were involved in selling the “entered into evidence” photograph allegedly to TMZ. While the party has not been identified since that very press release was issued by the LAPD weeks ago, STOParazzi, an organization currently involved in Kanye West’s airport scuffle case, says it supports “Rihanna’s Law”. “We can no longer tolerate the leaking of private information when an interest turns into stalking,” says President of STOParazzi, Terry Ahem. According to Ahem’s organization, Rihanna’s Law, if enacted, would further deter employees of law enforcement agencies from releasing photos or information that exploits the victims of crimes. While Rihanna’s law is detailed in full at Rihannaslaw.com, sources say the law, currently seeking petitioners, would also allow organizations like TMZ to face consequences for releasing private and/or sealed photos and other information related to a case for profit. In part, Rihanna’s Law (according to the rihannaslaw.com) reads: “If a private crime photo is distributed the receipt of money for that act is irrelevant and does not diminish the detrimental effect such public distribution of private crime photos, could have on the victim, the case itself, other victims of similar crimes etc. Just because the person who leaked it may have done it for example, because they were disgruntled or vindictive or even, perhaps, to help the defense, and not for money, per se, should not make it legal.” For more information visit Rihannaslaw.com


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