Avant: Brand New

Multi-platinum R&B singer Avant is back with his self titled fifth studio album and has left much to the imagination. Catching up with Singersroom’s Tiffanie Simone, what you can expect from this interview is new projects and Valentine’s Day ideas. One thing Avant never leaves out is great music and sexy lyrics….Read more to see what is new with Avant.

Singersroom: You have managed to keep your music sensual, sexy and yet innovative. What is your formula?

Avant: Well, Iiving life. Different problems, different things you go through, there’s nothing new under the sun but since this is my fifth album I felt I had to create songs like “Out of Character” or “French Pedicure.” I wanted my music to have a feel of being brand new.

Singersroom: So Mr. Sexy, do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? Oh and keep it 100%!

Avant: I’m going to keep it 100%; I will definitely be single (laughing). I am looking to see which show and where I will perform. I am trying to come up with my next project which should be an album with Ms. Keke Wyatt. With me it will probably include six original songs and then six songs you have heard before. Since we are in a recession, depression or whatever you want to call it, we all need something we can hold on to. I think music right now is the turning point.

Singersroom: What would be your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Avant: For me, I would pick up the young lady at her house and take her on a horse and carriage ride. Afterward, a vehicle would be waiting for us where we would take a trip into the mountains. Some where our cell phones would not have reception, have rose petals leading to the bedroom and try and make it real romantic. That would be a perfect date for me.

Singersroom: Good answer! I am sure the ladies can appreciate that idea and will email their significant others this interview for pointers. The last time I interviewed you before your fourth album, you took time off to spend time with your son. How has fatherhood influenced your music? Do you now make music that caters to relationships or do you leave it up to interpretation?

Avant: I try to leave it up to interpretation. Being a father and doing music are two different things. You don’t want albums to be too sweet because the people may not want to hear that. I try to keep it personal between my son and me. It’s funny now because when he sees my albums in the store, he will call me and leave a message saying “daddy, you need to come home.” It seems as if he thinks someone is trying to infiltrate me, he now recognizes me now as an entertainer. It’s really cute but the whole process of trying to be a father and giving people what they want is not easy. I’m up for the challenge and I love it though.

Singersroom: What music do you listen to put you in a sensual sexy mood? I guess it would be weird to ask if you listen to your own stuff?

Avant: Nah I don’t listen to my music, that’s crazy. I respect everyone out there doing their thing. Right now I would listen to Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover,” Babyface’s entire “Whip Appeal” album was ridiculous but the song “Two Occasions” is on point and Maxwell. You see my music is totally different from these artists but they put me in the mood to perfect what I do. I just try to create something new; sometimes I may have to listen to some country music to see what topics are hot and that is what allows me to do what I do.

Singersroom: The most common feedback on Singersroom is that your lyrics are so real and is relatable. How do you continue to deliver lyrically?

Avant: I think it’s just living everyday life and things like our conversation that we are having right now. What makes it so real and interesting is that things happen in a day just how I will sing it to you on a record. For instance, when I wrote “When it hurts, will we still be the same two lovers all over each other, When it hurts, will we still see why we got together promise that we will never be temporary.” The difference in that song is that I need you to have confidence even though you know what I did now, everyone know what I did but when we go to this picnic or party, I want you to have the faith in me, not talk against me but for me. No one is perfect; everyone has a relationship where something like this has occurred. I try to touch those emotions, because no one relationship is beautiful. I want to be the one to let people know that things happen but you can move on and still rebuild on a relationship. I can be on record saying that the sun is shining but you can listen to that for only a minute because it won’t stick. People want something that stick, yeah he hurt me but it is ok to admit you’ve been hurt. I’m not saying it’s ok to hurt someone. This is reality. Like in “Materials Things,” I talk about material things “lights, camera, stars, crowds, noise, aftersets, cell phones, internet, Vegas bets.” All that are materialistic stuff, we wouldn’t do it if we were not trying to get you guys to focus your eyes. If men were on earth by ourselves, there would be no reason to get a haircut, no reason to get 26 inch rims. The truth of the matter is though men can be materialistic it doesn’t compare to what women are in terms of why we do all of these things to impress you. Without women we wouldn’t get it.

Singersroom: Have you ever thought about getting married?

Avant: Not right now. Of course everyone has thought about getting married. Right now it is hard to find that right person that will understand how much you work especially while in the entertainment game.

Singersroom: Understood. Since your album release, what have you been doing to maintain momentum and buzz?

Avant: I’m doing a stage play right now called “Love Overboard” with Khalil Kane, Carl Paine, Keke Wyatt, and Karen White. We are currently in Washington D.C and will be coming to New York and other city dates are on my website myspace/avant.com. I’ve been selling materials in the venues for the play and working on my new single “Break Your Back.” I re-did the record “Sailing” by Christopher Cross which is picking up its own momentum. Steve Harvey has begun to play the record and is supporting the record. It’s all about work but the respect from the fans.

Singersroom: We have many of your songs on Singersroom and are all performing well. What would you like to say to your fans for their continuous support?

Avant: Thank you so much for your support. It is because of the fans that I am in the position I’m in today. I work for you guys and I will continue to work for you guys. I appreciate your love. Thank you —— By: Interview By Tiffanie Simone


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