TOP TEN 08′: #4 Barack Obama ‘Barack The Vote!’

Music was not the only headline making story in 2008, the 2008 Presidential Election took over blogs, newspapers, magazines, television, and well even conversations at the local Walmart throughout the year. While it was indeed an important topic on both sides of the fence (Republican Vs. Democrat or Conservative Vs. Liberal), the story of Barack Obama, our official new President took center stage. Winning over his opponents in historic numbers that previously would have been deemed impossible, Barack Obama earned the Democratic nomination for President in June of 2008. What would follow the Illinois senator’s nomination can only be described in one phrase ‘Barack The Vote’. Like never before communities came together in 2008 to elect Barack Obama and his vision of much needed change in America and just like we did in our own communities celebrities came together to promote not only the necessity of voting but to voice their views on the historical election. Hollywood stars Kerry Washington and Jennifer Hudson rallied with Obama early on becoming ambassadors for the campaign. Visiting communities, letting their voices be heard and embracing ‘change’ the aforementioned ladies who were joined by Kevin Liles, Jay-z, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Oprah Winfrey, John Legend and so many more used their star power to call attention to important issues. For many, young and old, registered or unregistered, 2008 was a year that encompassed the fruition of a dream and physical proof that we can overcome adversity. Most of all for grandmothers and grandfathers it was a day that they never thought would come true in their lifetime and it was an opportunity, even if just for a few months, for a meeting of the minds between generations that so often are divided. Kicking off registration drives and similar events, R&B singer Usher and Hip Hop star Bow Wow took to the streets in marches and registration drives to educate and register voters. Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child also joined in the effort. While there are many names, many celebrities and many organizations that could be named here, it is evident that we as a nation and as a community came together, if only briefly, setting issues that may have divided us for years aside, to organize and vote for change and it happened. We ‘Baracked The Vote’ !


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