SOUL RECKLESS 08: Amy Winehouse ‘Not Billie Holiday’

2008 featured some of the most hilarious, shocking, jaw-dropping, and even sheer reckless moments so why not take a look back. In fact we’ve got 20 memorable moments for you. With just ten days to go until history takes a turn in 2009, we’ll take you through Reckless Souls, a countdown featuring everyone from Dru Hill to R. Kelly and everything in between. While Amy Winehouse made headlines throughout 2008, her appearance at the 2008 Brit Awards became one of the most talked about interviews, simply because Winehouse gave very few intimate and candid interviews prior to legal woes and other controversial stories that would follow later in the year. Granting ‘the5thmedium’ an exclusive interview after her now historic Grammy Award win, Winehouse made a very controversial statement about legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday. Prompted by Huey Morgan, who asked the star about her influences, Wineshouse cites Jazz as one of her influences. All was cool until Winehouse was asked if Billie Holiday, who is known to have had similar drug and alcohol addiction issues before her death in 1959, was an influence. The “Back to Black” singer surprised everyone including Morgan when she said “F*ck her” ! (Video Below) As the interview continues Morgan is seen trying to keep Winehouse’s attention as she continuously plays a ukulele, at one point appearing to blank out, only to return without answering Morgan’s question. Overall Amy Winehouse had a successful year in terms of winning several Grammy Awards and other accolades however, her personal life spun completely out of control. For much of 2008 Winehouse was in and out of rehab; was caught punching a fan at the famed Glastonbury Festival, and became a regular in tabloids who picked up on Winehouse’s now infamous relationship with Blake Fielder Civil. In November 2008, Winehouse and Fielder Civil split albeit publicly. Stating “We were only together for sex” toward the end of the year, Winehouse detailed her life with Fielder Civil in ANI citing ‘lesbian romps’, threesomes and a relationship with a model who she believes Fielder Civil is dating now. Fielder Civil later admitted that he was responsible for her drug addiction and had to let Winehouse go for own good — a statement that seemed like a ‘play on words’ since Civil is now demanding a $1 million divorce settlement, to which he says will allow him to walk away quietly. According to the UK’s News of the World, Fielder Civil is planning to release a tell-all book if Winehouse does not comply with his request. At the end of the day, Amy Winehouse’s music has been praised by several publications including the BBC, the Guardian and Entertainment Weekly. Winehouse is expected to release a sophomore album, rumored to be titled “Stronger” in 2009.


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