Paris Bennett: Growing Up

With all the negative press about American Idol and alumni of the show recently, one would almost think that anyone on the show is destined to retire to a mediocre, if non-existent career in music. Paris Bennett is not having that. Being a new mom hasn’t stopped her from capitalizing on her American Idol notoriety in order to realize her dream of being a songstress we could remember. In our interview, we talk to Paris about being a mom, American Idol and her plans for the future.

Singersroom: Your Christmas album was released in October. What made you think of doing a Christmas album?

Paris: Just because Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, especially being in Minnesota with my mom they actually had snow, versus in Georgia we’d get it every once in awhile, it may surprise you here and there. In Minnesota they have a lot of white Christmases and that’s what makes me enjoy Christmas more for the most part. [There are] a lot of Christmas songs that I do like and grew up loving.

Singersroom: Your new album is slated for January 2009 according to the web. Is that still true? Let us know a little bit about it.

Paris: There are a lot of thoughts still running through my head on the creation of the album. I am working on it now, so it will probably be maybe February-ish. There’s still a lot of work going into it. In this album, I get to be more of myself as far as my ideas and my creativity and as far as what I chose to work with on this album production-wise and musically.

Singersroom: Life after “American Idol,” that’s something that’s always going to be with you. What has life been like after “American Idol?”

Paris: I still have my friends from “Idol” and we get to work together from time to time. I don’t really get to see the judges outside the show. I see them maybe here and there at an award show or something like that. We’re all really, really good friends and they’re excited about the baby. They’ll get a chance to see the baby here in L.A. I do thank “Idol.”

Singersroom: Some people will say there’s an “American Idol” curse. Do you think that will affect you at all?

Paris: Not at all. I think if you use the exposure to [your] advantage, there’s not really a way to go wrong at all.

Singersroom: What it’s like being a mom for you? What’s it like being 20 [years old] and a mom? Do you feel conflict? I was 20 [years old], a few weeks shy of 21 years old, when I had my [son] and it just gets easier, but for the folks who don’t know, what’s it like for you?

Paris: In being 20…In the midst of being pregnant and expecting, I think it gave me time to really, really mature in nine months and figure out who I was and collectively catch myself and set myself to be a role model. Being 20, I still get a chance to have fun but it’s more having fun with my child. It definitely makes you a mature individual.

Singersroom: Trust me it gets easier. Upcoming projects?

Paris: I’m on the road promoting for the holiday album. I’ll be on the road again promoting for the sophomore album. I have a movie coming out in the spring, a video, hopefully there are a lot more things coming up but those are the things I can think of as of right now.

Singersroom: You’re from Chicago?

Paris: I was born in Illinois.

Singersroom: How do you feel about Barack Obama winning the Presidential election?

Paris: I am all for Barack Obama. I would not have it any other way. And I think it’s a great thing making history being twenty. I am actually really excited Egypt is actually here in the world having Barack Obama as President. I’m really feeling it. —— By: Interview By Seattle Slim


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