Sterling Simms: Beyond Nasty Girl

Crafting what he calls “a different kind of soul,” R&B singer/songwriter Sterling Simms is stepping into the spotlight with “Yours, Mine and The Truth,” the debut album from the former “Dig A Hole” and “Jump Off” singer.

Originally slated for a debut last year, Sterling Simms shares ‘the truth’ with Singersroom about his new album title, the song “Nasty Girl” and the reason why he went back to the ‘drawing board’ with the Knightwritaz.

Singersroom: I’m glad to see your album coming out. Originally there was a release date last spring with the title “Worth Your While,” what happened with that and is there significance behind the new title?

Sterling Simms: “Worth Your While,” the project, was a little rushed. I didn’t think it was my best effort to give my fans and the people so I went back to the drawing board. I changed the concept of the album to make it more personal and more autobiographical. In turn I think it’s more relatable to the public. The title now is “Yours, Mine & The Truth.” I put my heart into it. It just basically tells the story of a relationship that I’m not in anymore. It just gives my version and her version of what happened and then there’s the truth.

I think it’s something that people can really relate to because if you’ve been in a relationship before you’re going to be able to relate to this album because it’s all about a relationship. The ups and downs and the good and bad.

Singersroom: So this time out the project feels truly completed, in other words at its best?

Sterling Simms: It feels like a complete album to me. The “Worth Your While” album just didn’t feel like a complete album. It felt like something was always missing. I wanted to just go back and add more contrast to the album and more records. I went back with my group The Knightwritaz and did a couple more records then I got in with Tricky and Dream. Of course Tricky and Dream did my single “All I Need” with Jadakiss so it just made the project complete and made it come round. I’m happy about it and it’s in stores December 23rd.

Singersroom: Now you’ve been in the industry for many years, how has your success in both songwriting and on stage affected your music today?

Sterling Simms: I’ve been working hard these past couple of years. I’ve been blessed. I’ve gotten the chance to work with a group on Interscope called Girlicious – I did a few records with them. I got a chance to work with Jo Jo and Marsha Ambrosius from Floetry – I’ve worked closely with her on her project. I also got a chance to work with Teairra Mari. She just recently put out a record that we did – “Built For This.”

So my songwriting has taken off. The album is coming out. I’m blessed man. It turned to be a great 2008. Obama’s in office. The Philly’s won the World Series. I’m happy.

Singersroom: “Yours, Mine and The Truth” reflects the beginning, middle and end of a relationship…was the album based off one specific relationship or a series of experiences?

Sterling Simms: It was more or less just one relationship. There are some things that I pulled from girls I’ve dated but it’s really based off one relationship. The records tell the story of what happened. We’re not together anymore but I think it made out for a great album (laughs).

Singersroom: I had a chance to check out the track listing, there is a song called “I Know” that details a sort of difficult situation where a man is cheating with his boy’s girl. How did that track come about?

Sterling Simms: Its part of the relationship where things are starting to go left. I think a lot of times when people go outside the household they’re looking for something they feel like they’re not getting at home.

At that point in my life, me and my girlfriend, we weren’t clicking like we used to. It wasn’t the same. The immaturity made me go out and try and find what I wasn’t getting at home somewhere else.

That hurts the relationship instead of helping it. It was a growing process for me. Adonis (Shropshire) wrote the record. The record is phenomenal. A producer by the name of Smirf produced it out of Philadelphia. It came out to be a great record. I love that record.

Sterling SimmsSingersroom: With that said would you say that you enjoy being single versus in a relationship where you are catering to another person?

Sterling Simms: I like to be in a relationship. I like having something to come home to. At times in a relationship, you can relate to being single. I got a record called “Remember Being Single.” At times you can be in a relationship and no matter how much you like or love this person you always have that moment where you remember being single.

You remember when you don’t have to check in all the time. You don’t have to call to let them know you’re not coming home on time. It’s like the responsibility of being in a relationship you can’t have that all the time at one point you can live carefree. I can go hang out with my homies and not have to worry about hearing it when I come home.

I love being in a relationship but I also appreciate being single. I appreciate the independence of being single but I’m looking for something new. I’m mature so definitely ladies check for your boy.

Singersroom: Switching gears, there is clique you’ve got going on called Knightwritaz with Mario and Marsha, among others….what is the best part of being around them for you? Do you guys feed off each other creatively?

Sterling Simms: For sure. We like to feed off each other. We like to learn from each other. Working with Steve-O, Marsha (Ambrosius), Mario and everybody involved; it’s like we have a chance to feed off everyone’s energy. That’s how we became a clique and a movement. Just being in the studio and doing records together. The synergy between us is crazy.

Singersroom: When you’re penning songs for other artists do you feel the urge to keep something for yourself or say “man I should have kept that song?”

Sterling Simms: There’s times when I’ve been involved with records and the end result was like “I could have kept that record or I could do this record” but I still feel like I’m a part of it. I wrote the record so I like being a part of other people’s success as well as my own. So it’s all good.

Singersroom: One of your first records to hit, single-wise was “Nasty Girl,” what happened to that track? I noticed it was missing on this album.

Sterling Simms: I love “Nasty Girl.” It was a great record. I just felt like it just wasn’t me. It didn’t capture my personality, my character and who Sterling Simms was.

You know, people first knew me from Jay-Z’s “Dig A Hole” and then I released “Jump Off.” With “Dig A Hole” and “Jump Off” you can identify that person.

When I released “Nasty Girl,” I think it was a bit premature. It didn’t give me a chance to grow as an artist. It was like I went from ‘0 to 100’ in a matter of months instead of letting my career grow into a person who could pull off a “Nasty Girl” record.

I would go out and promote the record and I didn’t really know how to make the record convincing. Probably because it really wasn’t me.

Everything about the record was great, Taj, an amazing songwriter, he wrote the record and Stargate, multi-platinum producers they produced the record. So everything about the record was right I just didn’t feel like I was the best person for that record.

Singersroom: For the ladies out there, tell me what you would do to make your lady feel special, what is your idea of the perfect night?

Sterling Simms: The perfect night – we have to start out with dinner. We have to go out, spend time alone.

A lot of times with me being out on the road and just doing my music when I’m in a relationship I don’t really get a chance to have the one-on-one time with my lady as much as I would like. It’s all about making the night about her. Whatever she needs I’m going to cater to her 110%.

Singersroom: Why should fans pick “Yours, Mine & The Truth”?

Sterling Simms: It’s the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s great music. It’s great R&B music. You know it’s nothing watered down about this project at all. I put my heart and my soul into it. I think fans will be able to relate to it especially if they’ve ever been in a relationship. You’ll be able to learn from this record.

I’m doing the men a service with this record because it’s definitely sexy. I’m making it easy for the men out there and for the young ladies I’m just going to say you’re welcome ahead of time.

Go get it. Dec. 23rd it’s in stores. —— By: Interview By Njai Joszor


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