Teairra Marie: This Too Shall Pass

You thought you may have seen the end of Teairra Marie. Who was unceremoniously released from Def Jam, but it’s not over for the songstress and former Jay-Z protégé yet. Teairra is gearing up for a new look, and a new album and she’s ready to tackle the new challenges headed her way, with or without the backing of the machine that unleashed Rihanna. Teairra Marie is ready.

Singersroom: I wanted to ask you about Rihanna. That came up in the King interview, so I wanted to touch base with you on that. She’s pretty dominant in music right now. Are you ready to take her on when you get back into music?

Teairra Marie: That’s what [the challenge] I don’t get caught up into. That’s what I got caught up into in the beginning. I can’t think about, “This one is coming out, so next show I gotta make sure I do this better than her.” I just [have to] do the best that I can do. That’s the only way I can really better myself is [by focusing] on myself and not others. People always try to throw the Rihanna things up, the comparisons, the little catfights and all that stuff… And I… You know, it’s just so old and played out. Neither one of us will get anywhere focusing or commenting on each other. She’s a nice girl and that’s that. I’m [going to] leave it at that. I’m a lady. I’m not going to get catty.

Singersroom: That’s good that you’re not going to play into that and focus on your music. You’re no longer with Def Jam. What’s the name of the label that you’re working with right now? Are there any differences? Are they better [than Def Jam]? Do you feel like you’re more at home at your new label?

Teairra Marie: Yes, I do feel like I’m more at home because I’m more involved and I really get to explore my creativity. I’ve got a lot of say so. This album is like my baby. [With] my last album, everybody had their hands on it creatively. I think that the main difference is because I’m an adult now. I have to step up to the plate.

Singersroom: What topics are you going to cover with this album? Is there going to be a big change between this album and your last?

Teairra Marie: It’s probably going to be the same idea as far as the music goes, the topics and stuff like that. With this album, it’s going go to another level. I’m older now. The pain in my voice, the emotion in my voice-it’s all different. It’s a mature album. That’s what it is!

Singersroom: A lot of younger artists in the game right now are expanding their empires into other venues like movies, perfumes… Are you looking to do anything aside from music?

Teairra Marie: Of course! Like I want to have the most fun that I can have. Acting is something that I want to jump right into. I did a movie last year called “The Doorman.” I don’t know when it’s going to come out. That was a really great experience. I like filming, being in front of the camera is really fun. As far as starting like a shoe line, I love shoes.

Singersroom: Yes! I love shoes too. So please do start a shoe line! [laughs]

Teairra Marie: If I get into fashion it would probably be like shoes and maybe accessories.

Singersroom: Will your image change at all from the last time we saw you? Or are you going to expand on the image you had before and give it a more grown and sexy feel? Are we going to be surprised?

Teairra Marie: I think you are. [I might do] something funky with my hair color. [laughs] I don’t know. I’ve been thinking to do something.

Singersroom: For the gents that read the site [Singersroom.com], are you single? In your last interview, your ties to Lil’ Wayne were brought up.

Teairra Marie: I am so single! It’s great! Lil’ Wayne is a nice guy and we’ve only ever been friends. The same with Ray. They brought up Ray J in that interview too. That’s that. If they see us together, they can say whatever they want to say. So if I don’t want to be tied to anybody, I have to be careful with what situations I put myself into.

Singersroom: That’s true. Another question for you as far as the whole blog thing. When you’re riding high, they ride for you. When you take a break or disappear, that whole time period, the say that you fell off. What do you have to say about some of the negative things they’ve said about you?

Teairra Marie: My friends tell me a lot of it [because] I don’t really read the blogs; I don’t get into it like that. When I hear negative things, I just laugh. You’ve got to know who you are. Don’t let anybody else define your character. You’ve got to laugh it off and keep it moving. I used to let things bother me and that’s why I took such a long break. I knew half the stuff wasn’t true, but I was so [shaken] up and I was like, “Why are they saying these things?” Well that’s what people do. They talk.

Singersroom: Did you have any problems getting into the more provocative clothing for your piece with King Magazine?

Teairra Marie: At first I did. This time around I’m definitely going to be more sexy, but I’m naturally more mysteriously sexy. I’ll show this but I won’t show that, or I’ll have an extra tight turtle neck dress on. You know what I’m sayin’? I like to give you something to think about.

Singersroom: This is going to be a huge undertaking to get back [into the music industry]. What’s your mantra for making it and what would you share with the readers?

Teairra Marie: This is what I say all the time. Whenever I get into a nerve-wracking situation… I have this little bracelet and it has this little piece on it that [reads], “This too shall pass.” So whenever I get into a nerve wracking situation I look at that bracelet and I say, “This too will pass.” No matter what it is. If I’m nervous, I look at that, so when it does pass, I’m going to be proud of it, so I’m going to give my best. That’s what I do. [I go through] every situation knowing that it’s going to be a part of the past. I want it to be a good part of the past. —— By: Interview By Seattle Slim


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