Akon and Seal Vow To ‘Jet’ If McCain Wins

If John McCain manages to pull off the election Akon and Seal will be the first to ‘jet’ overseas. “I can’t even envision how bad it’s gonna be,” says Akon. The “Freedom” star says he will return to Senegal in the event that Barack Obama fails to capture the white house. “If he doesn’t get into office, I’m gonna change my citizenship. You can hold me to that, I’m afraid to live here if McCain is President. The decisions he makes scare me: he’s making selfish decisions, he’s doing whatever it takes to get into office.” The “I’m So Paid” singer who recently teamed up with Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy for the music video to his new single had harsh words for Sarah Palin who he seems to fear most. “I don’t think he’s going to last eight years,” he said, referring to McCain, “so she’s definitely going to be president. Oh my goodness – that’s scarier. And who would be her running mate? …..Joe the Plumber?” “I’m very afraid.” Seal, who recently released a video for “A Change Is Gonna Come” says he’ll be on the first plane out of the states with his wife Heidi Klum like Akon if McCain wins. “If McCain is elected and America staggers on further toward the abyss, then we will leave the country.”


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