So we’ve all been there…complaining about the way we look, wondering if we’re good enough, and just questioning all the dimensions of ourselves. It’s natural and only human that we have our down days and moments where we question ourselves as individuals, inside and out. Well as cliché and silly as it sounds the answer to any questions of self-worth and being are within us and only we can perfect and better ourselves.

Beauty starts on the inside and only then can it translate to the outside. Go through everyday on a good note. Little things such as smiling, even saying thank you to the bus driver will help you feel a little better on the inside and that positive energy will translate onto others.

Confidence is sexy, cockiness is not. Pride yourself on your attributes and walk with your head high. There is no need to verbalize your talents and features; boasting can only cause people to think otherwise. Silent confidence provides you with an alluring aura, which draws people to you and represents you in a positive light.

When it comes to outer beauty, it’s true as the saying goes “beauty is skin deep.” However, it is a fact that we are burdened and pressured everyday by the media and society to look, act and dress a certain way. To lower this stress, look –really look –at yourself. A positive outward appearance and outlook is important for our mental health and well-being.

Accentuate your best features. If you have those coveted Hollywood lips, bring them out with lipstick and gloss. If your eyes are the perfect almond shape, make them pop with mascara. Whatever YOU discover your most prized feature to be, work on it and play it up; not only will you put your best face forward, you will feel good and that silent confidence will make you shine…be YOU, be beYOUtiful. —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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