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When you think of most indie soul singers you don’t think of best dressed as an accolade. Peter Hadar, a cool weirdo, hits the stage with smooth attire, and honest soulful lyrics. As a son of a gospel singer, Hadar gained experience in the church which led to him crafting songs for Joe, Carl Thomas, and Eric Roberson. Focusing on his self, Hadar built a loyal following in New York City and is releasing his first album ‘Well Dressed For The Art Show.’

Singersroom: So apparently you’re self defined as a cool weirdo. Tell us one very cool thing about yourself and one very weird thing about yourself that not too many people know, but are big parts of who you are.

Peter Hadar: I’ve been told I have a great eye for fashion. [Another] very weird thing about Peter Hadar is that my favorite past times is going to Angelica, the theatre. I mean that’s like my favorite pastime.

Singersroom: I’ve read that your father was a gospel singer. Is your singing style influenced by his style at all? And with a strong church upbringing why didn’t you choose to become a gospel artist?

Peter Hadar: I don’t think I listened to my father enough to say that. People that know him and know me say we have similar styles [like] scratchy deep voices [which is] kind of smooth and abrasive at times. I think one day I will do gospel. I just think a good part of my music is universal song. A lot Christians are into my music. I love God. He is a great friend of mine. I just feel like what I’m doing in some ways are reaching People.

I’m not a great fan of gospel music right now. I appreciate J. Moss, [but] besides Commission and the Dawkins brothers, there are not too many gospel cats that I wanna pattern myself after right now. As an indie artist I can see how it would make sense in business to do gospel music. Growing up in the industry people say you won’t make money in gospel. I just really didn’t know the business part of gospel. I love Kirk Franklin. I feel like when you do gospel music, you have to be a pure vessel. I felt like I wasn’t prepared to be that – not yet. When that day comes I will go forth.

Singersroom: ‘Memories of the Heart’ was a very passionate and honest album. Do you find you need to go some place in particular or be in a certain frame of mind to tap into the creativity that allows you to write such soulful music?

Peter Hadar: Yes. I’m a different writer. I might write a hook one day and write the verses a month later. It’s art to me. It’s just like fashion; putting the right jeans with the right shirt, although the industry is built around writing things really quick. [During] the time of ‘Memories of the Heart,’ I was trying to find myself and make sense of relationships and my life. There was a place I had to go to get those songs out. Even with the new album there was a place I had to go. I mean I’m still cutting songs this moment. I’m not trying write ten million albums just cause I have the talent to do it.

Singersroom: You’ve written and produced for Joe, Carl Thomas and Eric Roberson right?

Peter Hadar: Yea.

Singersroom: What projects did you work on for them?

Peter Hadar: To be honest, Joe demoed a song of mine and it didn’t make the cut. Carl is like a stepfather to me. I worked with him over a span of a couple of years; he taught me the industry ropes. What to say and how to act in the industry. I wrote “Advertiser” for Eric Roberson. To be honest, I worked with them and they are artists I grew up listening to. When they said I wanna demo these songs. I was like wow. I was good after that. I would never think I’d have the chance of being able to work or meet these artists.

Singersroom: You have your own record label which is an amazing accomplishment. What kind of artists are you looking to sign to Coolweirdo?

Peter Hadar: Well right now, I’m really focused on Peter Hadar. I have two other projects: (1) Strange Kids, me and my producer did a lot of the work on that – he comes from a group called Mathematics its really drummer based; (2) my other partner is Montique Willis a producer whose gonna do a DJ compilation album. If I do anything I’m gonna put his album out. I’m only one and a half albums in now.

Shayna Miller, Charles Anthony [and I] go about everyday trying figure out how to push the brand. We are a team, they’re a great team. We work real hard trying push our brand, we’ve been in URB’s next 100, Billboard, worked with Questlove and Mos Def. Right now we’re focused on Peter Hadar.

Singersroom: – What can we expect on your new project ‘Well dressed for the Artshow?’

Peter Hadar: It’s gonna be a circus. (Laughs) It’s gonna be a beautiful, electric album filled with women. I love women. [I] love relationships. [I] don’t have them often because of work. I got a song called “Painted” [about] me trying not to think about this woman so I keep writing songs about her. I got “Corny” which is an homage to Coldplay. I think everyone’s gonna enjoy that. “Ocean Wet” I think is the sexiest song on the album. Its gonna be like electric sex, its up and down but its consistent. My music is gonna be very sexual, nothing I can do about that. (Laugh)

Singersroom: How’s your pops gonna feel about that? (laugh)

Peter Hadar: My dad is an artist, he gets it. My mom is gonna be kind of upset though, she’s Christian. She’s the one if something happens in the press, she’ll be like “are you serious?”

Singersroom: So I’ve peep a lot of your pictures and you clearly have a love for looking fresh given your history in the fashion industry. When I looked at your photos I was like man, this cats kind of like the Kanye West to R&B. What designers do you wear and what do you look for in your clothes?

Peter Hadar: Wow. That’s a great compliment. (Laughs) I can’t wait to sell albums so I can really shop like Kanye. Shouts to Brian Wood and Tim Deepkaiser, Collin at ‘Pieces’, coup d’etat; those cats keep me rockin. —— By: Interview By Fritswa Baffour


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