Amanda Diva: Definition of a Diva

Elegant, intelligent, comical, lyrical, sultry; these are all words that come to mind when thinking of a diva. The diva that I’m specifically referring to is known as a host, poet, DJ, VJ, writer, and artist. This jack of all trades is constantly making competitive strides in the heavily dominated “boys club” known as the entertainment industry. Nas is quoted as saying that she “approaches hip-hop with a fierceness to protect it, nourish it, and mother it like it’s her own beautiful child.”

Amanda Diva is not your average artist. She is a graduate of SUNY Purchase, with a Bachelors in Liberal Arts for Black Studies, and she has also received a Masters in African American Studies at Columbia University. Along with her academic accomplishments she is also socially conscious, actively assisting with mentoring in inner city schools when traveling.

As an emcee and songstress Amanda Diva is double the threat. She uses her scholastic abilities along with street sense to bring her vision to listeners. Overall Amanda Diva is a fan of Hip-Hop, she’s in it for the love of the music, and has a message to deliver. This budding star has a résumé that is outdoing the current celebrities in the limelight. She was a VJ for MTV, appeared on Def Poetry, had a show on Sirius Satellite Radio, she is a member of The Aphilliates, toured with Floetry, and is opening up for Lupe Fiasco. Currently Amanda Diva is working on several projects. She recently released an EP on iTunes called “Life Experience.” This is the first release of a trilogy which is set to impress fans, and catch the attention of new listeners.

While obtaining an opportunity to interview Amanda Diva before a show, I was able to get a glimpse of her in rare form. Interviewing her is like meeting up with an old friend after not seeing them for quite some time. It is a feeling of knowing her. She has an extremely charismatic, energetic personality. Throughout the duration of the interview we were backstage, she was excited to perform, was visited by supporters, paced around speaking to other artist, cracked jokes, and was just very animated. She is extremely genuine, and passionate about what she does. She wants to be taken just as seriously for her singing as she is for her emceeing. After looking back I didn’t have an opportunity to interview her. I had a conversation with a star on the rise.

Singersroom: You have received a great deal of success thus far in your career. Is it difficult being a woman of color in the industry?

Amanda Diva: Yeah! It’s difficult being a woman period in this business. There is a definite double standard. There are certain practices expected of a man in this industry that are looked at negatively when displayed by a woman. When a woman in the industry handles her business properly she gets booked as a being a difficult. I just remain confident and comfortable.

Singersroom: You’ve recently come off tour with Floetry. How was that experience?

Amanda Diva: It was a fantastic experience, and I learned a lot. Initially it was difficult because fans did not know I replaced Natalie. They didn’t know she was off the tour at all and to them I just kind of showed up. But I would like to give a shout out to Wendy Williams who brought a lot of light to that entire situation. Overall, I am very thankful for that entire opportunity.

Singersroom: Since you have a background in acting, is that something that you are actively attempting to pursue?

Amanda Diva: If possible I would, but it would have to make sense. Right now I’m concentrating on my music. I’m 100 percent into my music! Anything I do I want to be 100 percent into it!

Singersroom: So you recently released the EP ‘Life Experience’, which is available on iTunes. What can we look forward to in the future?

Amanda Diva: Well, ‘Life Experience’ is the first part of a series. I’m also releasing ‘Love Experience’ in May and ‘Live Experience’ at the end of the summer.

Singersroom: I ask this question every time I do an interview. What was your best job and worst job?

Amanda Diva: My worst job was being a hostess at Cannon Road and The Gap the standards were really low. My best job had to be MTV 2, I “was respected for who I was [and] treated with respect.”

Amanda Diva is currently on “The Cool” tour opening up for Lupe Fiasco. If you are interested in seeing her please support the shows, take a look at her website, and watch Amanda TV.

Upcoming Amanda Appearances:
3/8 – The Key Club – Newark, NJ
3/12 – S.O.B’s – New York City —— By: Interview By Terrel Hughes


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