Candace Jones: Sexy Music

Passion and love are two intangible words that keep people running back to each other but when it’s mixed with music, you get the sexy sound of a musically talented twenty-three years old Risk Music Group R&B soul stress that goes by the name Candace Jones. Described as a fresh brand of “R&B with a Jazzy Street Swag”, Candace Jones’ voice will make anyone fall in love with her soulful sound. This Brooklyn native is on the verge of taking you to good, pure and sexy music that you can trust with your heart and soul as well as leaving you with no other choice but to absorb her music.

Beneath this beautiful and talented woman you will find a voice that will truly inspire you to open your heart and let her passion of music come to you and change your world. No need to worry about heartbreaks because Candace Jones is here to make you feel what sexy music is all about. Her sound is young, fresh and new with a twist of the past and very different from other Soul and R&B singers. This sassy and classy young soul-stress is the real deal so please sit tight, relax and let her music fill your heart with real talent that’s been missing for too long.

Singersroom: From what I have heard you are an accomplished musician, right?

Candace Jones: My family as a whole is actually much more accomplished that I am. But when I was younger and going throughout school, I was in this young leadership program and I won Awards from Stanford and from Berkeley School of Music. It gave me a lot of opportunities to come across different Awards…and I got lucky that way.

Singersroom: As a young singer, how are you able to navigate the treacherous world of music?

Candace Jones: That’s a funny question; no one ever asked me that before (laughs). I kind of started from home. So I learned Jazz first [which is] my first genre and then I move into more [things]. I fell in love with musical theater for a few years and then I really fell in love with R&B and Soul music. So I guess it just kind of go from Jazz on and out; if that makes sense. I am kind of ashamed to say this but I have a tendency to shy away from the business aspect a lot so I am lucky to have Aaron Seawood (manager) and a team of people that kind of help me navigate the world of music.

Singersroom: If you have to choose between musical theater and a singing career which one would you choose?

Candace Jones: Musical theater is fun in a sense that it gives you an opportunity to play different characters and explore that life but I think that I get a lot more pleasure out of…just being me. I would definitely choose the path that I am on.

Singersroom: Are you signed to any major label yet or are you still doing it independently?

Candace Jones: (Laughs) well actually I’m in negotiation right now so I am in the middle of my contract thing.

Singersroom: So finally you’re going to sign with a major label?

Candace Jones: Yes, finally we’re going to partner with a major label.

Singersroom: What made you change your mind because if I am not mistaken you didn’t want to be part of any label?

Candace Jones: Well you know the timing wasn’t right. I am sure that at the time [when] I had to say no , the timing wasn’t right and the climate wasn’t right and I am sure [that]I wasn’t ready yet. So it was a lot of growing pain and learning what I had to do in the past two years.

Singersroom: Also, you are a young woman and you love Jazz, but don’t get me wrong there are not a lot of young people who love Jazz, what made you choose it?

Candace Jones: It’s my family, it’s my upbringing… so it was just natural for me… the first song I learned were all Ella Fitzgerald standard; so it really just kind of engrained into my mind and my musical experience. It’s funny because I get up and I am poppin a Nancy Wilson, so it’s really a part of my lifestyle.

Singersroom: Who are your favorite Jazz musicians and why?

Candace Jones: My favorite is Ella Fitzgerald really because she inspired me to sing [as well as] Sarah Vaughn [and] John Coltrane. The level of musicianship that they kind of showed, I admire that so much. So much contemporary artists like Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Roberta Flack.

Singersroom: Aren’t you afraid that if you try to do your Jazz music that people might try to compare you with Chrisette Michele in a way because she has a very jazzy style of music?

Candace Jones: It’s funny because people always asked me how you would compare yourself to other people and I just feel like it’s like comparing Picasso to Rembrandt. Artists are as different as two people can be. She is her and I am me, so our experience is different, our approach is different, our delivery is different, our voices sound completely different. Of course, there are similarities with the influence and I am proud of that but we are fundamentally different.

Singersroom: You were born in Brooklyn and raised in San Francisco, why did you choose to come back to New York?

Candace Jones: It was actually not a choice at the time, I was just kind of moving around. My parents already lived here so it was an easy move for me. I didn’t plan to stay as long as I have, I thought it was going to be more of a transition but I came and really fell in love with New York; the vibe and everything that you can get done here (laughs).

Singersroom: You have a song titled “Sexy Music” right?

Candace Jones: (laughs) yeah.

Singersroom: I love that song.

Candace Jones: We might have to change the title a little bit to make it a little more user friendly, so yes it used to be called “Sexy Music” and now it is called “Do Things.”

Singersroom: Oh man, you going to change “Sexy Music” to “Do Things”?

Candace Jones: (laughs) But you know when I am at the House of Blues, when I am among grown folks, of course I’ll devote what the original title is but I think for the younger fans, for the younger girls we might want to just tone it down a notch.

Singersroom: Is it important for you to let people fall in love with your voice because you do have a pretty voice?

Candace Jones: Thank you. I kind of gravitate toward voices that sound really pleasing; that sound beautiful when they come to the ears. So I just try to keep that in mind with everything I sing. I don’t like to over shout things, over sing things, I am just kind of doing what comes naturally and “Sexy Music” now “Do Things” was so easy to write, the beat, the musicology of the beat was just amazing and so complimentary. I think to my voice that the song from its reception was kind of a really natural process.

Singersroom:Thank you, you also had a duet with Ne-Yo titled “Sexy Love,” can you tell us more about the relationship?

Candace Jones: Well you know initially and I don’t know if you notice …we just acquired the acapella, the beat and everything and we did it on our own. It was kind of unauthorized but we had so much love from the DJ’s and they got such a great response that we eventually attracted his attention (Ne-Yo). We didn’t have a relationship prior to that song being made. So after it got such great response like I said we went down to Atlanta and met with him and I recorded all the vocals in his studio and that’s when we made the official remix.

Singersroom: We are going to stay on the subject of love, as you know Candace Valentine’s Day is approaching, so how should a man treat you on a perfect Valentine’s Day?

Candace Jones: On a perfect Valentine’s Day (laughs) I guess you know I am not much of a Valentine’s girl. I had a great Valentine’s Day one time. My significant other came home with a bottle of wine home and I think I cooked that night. We watched old Bob Marley videos for a couple of hours; definitely something quiet.

Singersroom: What is your favorite love song?

Candace Jones: Let me think, the first thing that pops in my head is that Musiq song that came out five or six years ago titled “Love.” I love that song.

Singersroom: Do you have a sexy love in your life?

Candace Jones: Not right now (laughs).

Singersroom: I am sure that you will be able to find someone soon.

Candace Jones: I am taking my time (laughs).

Singersroom: Is your album entitled ‘The End’ out yet?

Candace Jones: The album will be out this fall and is sensitively titled ‘The End’; that was an idea we where kicking around when we were considering the Candy Shop idea; which was going to be more of a multi genre collection EP. I think that we are still going to battle around more titles for the album, which comes out fall of 2008.

Singersroom: You have also made a lot of collaborations with Ne-Yo, Loon, and Akon, if I am not mistaken right?

Candace Jones: No, it’s funny that you mentioned that [because] that You tube video had gotten like half a million views of me. Somebody mistook someone else’s voice for mine and put my name on it. So while we appreciate the publicity it wasn’t actually me.

Singersroom: Would you like to collaborate with a female artist, and who will it be?

Candace Jones: My dream duet is myself and Mariah Carey.

Singersroom: Candace you have the look, the voice, the physique, the talent and you’re smart, is there something else that you wish that you had?

Candace Jones: (laughs) I think that we are a little more refine or a little more articulate or a little more beautiful. I feel like there’s something about all of us that always leaves room for improvement. I had that conversation with my close friend before and I can’t wait to see me when I am going to be thirty-five because I have cousins that age and they are just so beautiful and confident. So I think that there’s room for improvement all the way around.

Singersroom: So what can we expect from your album?

Candace Jones: The album is very soulful… it’s very honest; it’s fun, a very good representation of my life. —— By: Interview By Valerie Varasse


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