Adina Howard: Mature Freak

Before there was Lil Kim and Trina there was Adina Howard. A vixen in her own right, Adina put sexy females on the map with her hit single “Freak Like Me.” At the time most didn’t know whether to embrace her innovative music style or place judgment and run shy. Fast forward years later after “Freak Like Me” and “Do You Wanna Ride” and you have a more mature even more self confident woman. This is the Adina we all would expect. What about the side of her we don’t know?

Singersroom: What are some of the differences between ‘Do You Wanna Ride’ and ‘Private Show?’

Adina Howard: There is a maturity in the music and the lyrics. It’s still provocative and sexy but there is plenty of growth and maturity there. I am no longer twenty-one; the music has evolved.

Singersroom: As far as maturity with the lyrics, are you saying that they are not as vulgar?

Adina Howard: My music has never been vulgar. To me being vulgar is me saying “I suck a n**ga’s d**k.” Not saying it with class. Some people may not like my music and be prudish but it has never been vulgar.

Singersroom: Sometimes when women have sexual lyrics they catch more slack than guys do. Why stay with this approach knowing that you are going to be under scrutiny?

Adina Howard: I don’t care how people feel. I am very comfortable in my skin and what I choose to sing about. There are plenty of artists out there, so if someone does not like what I sing and how I approach it, they can always listen to someone else. I don’t only sing about sex but it seems to be the focus of people’s attention and that’s fine with me. I sing about relationships. Yes, I make great baby making music but that is something that needs to be made. Regardless of where we are at in the world somebody is always going to be having sex. Even if they outlaw it, somebody is going to be getting there groove on.

Singersroom: (Laughter) They are going to sneak and do it then.

Adina Howard: (Laughter) Okay! Its great music to set the mood for that. Why should I change my style because people are uncomfortable with the subject matter?

Singersroom: You have had your share of record labels in the past. Am I correct?

Adina Howard: Absolutely.

Singersroom: You still managed to be relevant and you are still able to push units without getting radio play. How do you manage to do that?

Adina Howard: I’m blessed. I’m showered with favor. Nobody can do what I do. That keeps me relevant. Nobody is willing to step up to the plate and make it happen. For the ladies that do, the majority of them rap they don’t sing. There is only one me.

Adina Howard Singersroom: The newest album was released in the summer right?

Adina Howard: It was released June 26 of this year.

Singersroom: Are we going to hear any singles?

Adina Howard: You will be hearing music on the radio only if they choose to play it and you will never get a video.

Singersroom: Tell me about never. v Adina Howard: There is no support from the label. It is what it is.

Singersroom: Is there a reason why?

Adina Howard: That would be a question that you would have to ask the label. I don’t know why.

Singersroom: Are you going to try to stay with them and work it out?

Adina Howard: Absolutely not. (laughs)

Singersroom: (laughs) You have any perspective labels?

Adina Howard: They are in the process of releasing me. They feel like they can’t do my career any justice so they want to release me, which is a blessing.

Singersroom: Tell me something about you that a lot of people may not know.

Adina Howard: There are so many things that people have no clue about. I am a great cook. I love to cook. Lamb, chicken alfredo, turkey burgers, tacos, I love to cook. Everything that I make is good. So I have heard.

Singersroom: So you in the kitchen snapping!

Adina Howard: I’m putting a hurting on them.

Singersroom: Are you married?

Adina Howard: I am involved. Happily childless. My life has changed since [19]95. Now I am an international known individual. The pressure of staying in the business is part of my life. There was a time when I walked away and people approached me and asked when I was going to do another album. The baby making music that only I do so well.

I am an internationally known individual. I am able to maneuver around pretty well without a great deal of people recognizing me, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Since I have gotten into this business of music, my privacy isn’t what it used to be. The pressure of staying in this business is something that is a part of my life. They miss me in the industry and they need that baby making music that only I can do so well. Even if I wanted to walk away, my babies aren’t making it easy for me.

Singersroom: Yeah because the T-Shirt and Panties song… Oh Yeah! Adina Howard: (laughs) And that’s supposed to be vulgar.

Singersroom: Which is crazy in comparison to some of the stuff you hear now and see in the videos.

Adina Howard: Exactly!!

Singersroom: Are you working on any new projects?

Adina Howard: I just finished a movie. It’s a short film called ‘Poke The Sleeping Bear.’ That is going to be submitted to several film festivals. I am in the process of putting a new project together to be released possibly next year.

Singersroom: Tell me about your role in the movie.

Adina Howard: My role in the movie is very interesting because it is very much me. My manager actually got the script first and they wanted her to audition but when she read the character she said Oh my god, this is Adina. The character is Rolonda. Rolonda is a young Black woman in her thirties, she is into self help books and she is a cereal dater. Although I am involved in a relationship, I find and this is just me, that I am happier single. I enjoy being single more than being in a relationship.

Singersroom: Is that because you enjoy not having to worry about someone else and the stress and the ups and downs.

Adina Howard: That is exactly what it is. I am selfish and selfless. I have been single for so long but never really settled into a relationship. My relationships usually last about three months. I don’t like inconsiderate behavior. I am a control freak and a neat freak. Everything has its place. I don’t like clutter.

Singersroom: You have any advice for women who are going through the dating scene?

Adina Howard: Stay single as long as you can! (laughs) My advice would be love yourself. Enjoy your own company. Do for you. A man should be an asset not a liability. Equal or greater value, he has to choose to be. Appreciate who you are as a person. Don’t look to someone outside yourself for approval. You are worthy of being loved. Take care of yourself. Don’t let a man take care of you. They will get tired of taking care of you as well. At some point, people want to know that you can do for yourself. Most individuals want to see you in their life because you want them and not because you need them. —— By: Interview By La’Juanda Knight


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