B5: Prepare For 5

When you look at the entertainment industry now, it would seem that boy bands are becoming a thing of the past. You could assume that until you see B5 perform. Full of energy and personality this is not your carbon copy Jackson 5. In this group everyone is equally talented and has a chance to shine; not typical of the groups of today. B5 claims that there is no one star, which is the very essence of what they say is going to keep them together. Also, No more singing about school bus girls; this time around it’s about their maturity and growth. Old fans and new fans will get the chance to know them personally and see them as the matured young men they are. Girls and young ladies, prepare for B5.

Singersroom: What is the biggest difference between your first album and ‘Don’t Talk Just Listen?’

B5: We have grown so much more. We are more mature with it. We have more creative control on this album.

Singersroom: What are some of the topics on this album that makes it more mature?

B5: We are not talking about school busses. We are keeping it in the middle. We are talking about what teenagers go through.

Singersroom: You don’t find yourself becoming overwhelmed and missing school or hanging with your friends?

B5: Sometimes it’s hard but this is what we love to do. We have been doing it for ten years. Actually four of us graduated already so we are just waiting on the youngest one to get out of school. But this is what we love so we wouldn’t change it for anything.

Singersroom: What do you think makes you unique in comparison to the past boy bands besides the fact that your brothers?

B5: Usually, in a group its always one or two people that sing and stand out. In this group the spotlight is never on one person it’s always on everybody. We all have talent, we all sing.

Singersroom: Do you write some of your songs? How do you develop your material? Is it from your own experiences?

B5: It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes it’s a club hit. We find a beat that we like and see what we are going to do with the track.

Singersroom: Okay, a lot of songwriters do that. What was it like working on the High School Musical soundtrack?

B5: We were very blessed to be on the soundtrack. The album sold over five million. It was great to do anything with Disney.

Singersroom: Did you find yourself nervous by the fact that it was Disney and you would be reaching an even larger audience?

B5: No. We thought it was cool. Some people never get into Disney. So many artists asked us ‘how did we get into it?’ Disney came to us. That’s another audience for us.

Singersroom: At this point what is it like getting all of the attention from the girls?

B5: You rather have them on you than not on you at all. We are not complaining at all (laughs).

Singersroom: What type of pranks were you doing on the Scream Tour and Russ Par Tour?

B5: Actually, what happened was one of the dudes from Russ Par stole our candy. So we got some of the water guns and sprayed them up. It just kept expanding on a higher level. We basically won that. We held it down.

Singersroom: You guys are brothers and I’m sure you argue at times. How do you handle working so closely with each other constantly? I know you love each other but after a while its gotta be like oh god!

B5: We are so glad we are doing this as brothers instead of some random kids that we don’t know. If your arguing with a friend of yours then the group could be done like that. But when it’s your own brothers then you won’t break up. You can’t go anywhere!

Singersroom: You guys don’t have any concerns about the boy band thing getting phased out?

B5: We like to break records. We like to go against the grain. We set our own trends so we are not worried.

Singersroom: Any chance ya’ll are going to branch out and do some acting?

B5: We are always going to be B5 no matter what we do but we might do some solo projects. We are doing some work with Blake and Brian on the Cartoon Network. It’s really cool; a lot of people watch it and like it.

Singersroom: As far as the album, what made you choose Bow Wow as the feature on the first single?

B5: We were recording with Danger [Handz] and he played the song for us and we loved it. We wanted somebody hot that’s around our age so who else but Bow Wow.

Singersroom: Do you guys play any part in the video or do you go with the flow of the director?

B5: We didn’t really have anything to do with the video. Bad Boy sent over the concept. We didn’t want to change it. We fell in love with it. But this next single is going to be hot!

Singersroom: It’s going to be Hot! What is it titled?

B5: It’s called “In My Bedroom.”

Singersroom: Really! What exactly is that song about?

B5: You gotta listen and find out baby.

Singersroom: You’re not going to give me any details about that one?

B5: I kinda wanna let you think about it. Let your mind wander.

Singersroom: Well the title does sound more mature.

B5: You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Singersroom: On another note, what do you guys do when you miss home?

B5: Right now we don’t miss home. We are always working. When we go home it’s good for a day and then we want to go on the road again.

Singersroom: So when your home, do you feel like something is missing?

B5: Yeah, yeah.

Singersroom: I would think that since you guys are young you would miss home.

B5: Nah babe! The Road is Exciting —— By: Interview By La’Juanda Knight


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