Young Steff: R&B’s Missing Link

Former Roc-A-Fella artist, and newly signed Richcraft/Atlantic recording artist Young Steff reigns supreme and proves consistency pays off. Success nevertheless came from hanging with top sellers and being part of the industries most known entourage. More so, stepping back and taking a break while still crafting his talents made it possible for Steff to shine in front of Richcraft/Atlantic executives when he was given another shot at the music industry. As proven in his latest tracks, his vocal ability has maintained A+ quality and his slick dance moves marks the growth of the once underage artist. As a resurfacing artist on a label ran by an industry favorite, Young Steff along with his motivation, confidence, and supportive team will reconnect the R&B world.

Singersroom: When you first made your major break you were young and hanging with the big dawgs at Roc-A-Fella Records. How did that deal come about?

Young Steff: Oh man, I was actually going to talent shows. I had won a couple talents shows in Philadelphia. Then I had done this demo called “Can I Holla.” My pops had wrote it [Big Steff]…Jay was called on the spot, and I woke up the next day like… “man is this real”… that’s just to make it short though. If you want the longer version I can give it to you now. (Laughter)

Singersrooom: If you had the chance, would you collaborate with any of your old label mates at Roc-A-Fella records?

Young Steff: Of course, you know… as you can see on one of the joints we just put out on Richcrat/Atlantic, that “Put That On Everything” song got Peedi Crack and Freeway on it. You know what I’m saying? An I got another joint on the album and it got Juelz Santana on it…at the time we was all under the Def Jam/Roc-a-Fella umbrella so its like you know, I’m still cool wit all of uhm.

Singersrooom: How did you end up signing with Richcraft/Atlantic?

Young Steff: I was asleep and my dad called me like, “yo we got a meeting with Rich Harrison tomorrow,” and I just seen his commercial on T.V. I was like “oh ok, lets do it.” It was like a jump thing, it came out of nowhere. We met up the next day, I met the whole Richcraft, performed for them, they loved it.

Singersrooom: You’ve been around the industry for so long and you’ve worked with just about some of the best artist and producers. What is it that has kept you motivated to reach success in the industry?

Young Steff: To be honest with you, it’s just knowing that I’m one of the best.

Singersrooom: I feel like you have a story to tell. Your grind has been a crazy long journey.

Young Steff: Yeah, It is…

Singersrooom: The track “Shawty” which is all around hot-is that a Young Steff original?

Young Steff: Basically it was a Young Steff original but as you know, T-Pain and Plies have it also.

Singersrooom: On “Put That on Everything”, a Rich Harrison production, that has a real complex beat, you demonstrated the ability to maneuver the track with your voice hitting various notes. What separates your style and sound from all the other R&B dudes?

Young Steff: More vocal ability; you know being able to sing in a high octave and then being able to sing in a low octave. Just more vocal ability.

Singersrooom: Now, I also read that you’ve been writing your own material since you were 11. Anybody can write a song but it takes special elements to write a hit, or a good song. What are topics or things that you focus on when you want to begin to writing?

Young Steff: I focus on things that’s going on in the world around me. I’m an 18 year old; I’m still a young dude. Basically just writing things that 15 –25 year olds can relate to; you know what I’m saying?

Singersrooom: So do you feel like you have competition in the game right now? Young Steff: I wouldn’t say competition. I feel as of right now, R&B is a movement and I’m just gonna be a very strong part of that movement.

Singersrooom: Who is your all time musical inspiration?

Young Steff: Of course my dad cause he really made music my first love. Music was the first thing I knew. I knew music before sports or anything so he’s definitely a big part of helping me make music.

Singersrooom: As of right now, what is your ultimate goal for now and the days to come?

Young Steff: To sell a couple million records!

Singersrooom: What is your favorite song out on the radio right now?

Young Steff: Bartender. (starts singing/laughter)

Singersrooom: I mean, its evident you’re a ladies man! What do you look for in a woman?

Young Steff: What do I look for in a woman? Well, first of all beauty, appearance, confidence, and conversation.

Singersrooom: If you had the opportunity to tour with anybody, who would that be and why?

Young Steff: Oh man…if I had the opportunity to go on tour with somebody, who would I go with? Justin Timberlake.

Singersrooom: That’s’ not a bad choice at all, but why is that though?

Young Steff: Because of the crowd he brings honestly. I’ve been to a couple of his shows before and I love his shows and you know…

Singersrooom: I decided that your interview in particular, should be titled, “A Journey Worth the While” because you’re an example that hard work pays off even if it takes years. What would you say to everybody out there grinding hard to achieve their goal?

Young Steff: In general, well you know just keep God first before anything. If you don’t stop, then situation ain’t gonna stop. —— By: Interview by Wande Davies


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