NLT: The New Boy Band

NLT or Not Like Them might appear to be just like them at first glance. They’re an all boy band with an edge and yes they are all White. Does this formula sound familiar? It might if you consider groups like N Sync, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees, who all made their impact on the Pop charts. However, what makes NLT different is the fact that they are an all White boy band whose whole style does not focus on Pop music. Instead the group is kicking in the door with an R&B flavor and they are not ashamed of it. So what makes NLT different you might ask? Once you get past their initial look and all of the stereotypes you’ll have plenty more evidence to back up how they are definitely ‘Not Like Them.’

Singersroom: How did you guys hook up with TUG?

JJ: We met Chris Stokes at his studio. We all auditioned for Chris and it all came together within a year or so.

Singersroom: What is it like working with Marques Houston? By him spending his childhood in a boy band, how has he influenced you?

JJ: It’s really reassuring. At the end of the day Chris and Marques are really a blessing to work with.

Singersroom: How long have you been working together?

JJ: It’s been a little over four years now.

Singersroom: How would you describe your particular style?

JJ: I would describe our style as ‘not like them.’ (laughs)

Singersroom: In what way because you know by first appearance you are similar to the Cliché boy bands of the past?

NLT: When you come to a show and see us perform you can see the combination of how we perform with our album and it is not like anything that is out right now. We’re bringing our own individuality and flavor to the performance.

Singersroom: What is going to make NLT different from being classified as an N’Sync or Backstreet Boys?

NLT: It’s cool to be classified cause we grew up with that music so it really doesn’t bother us. They brought us to where we are today. We are taking where they left off and putting it with our own style.

Singersroom: Where do you think they left off?

NLT: I think they started out very Pop and got more R&B/Hip Hop flavor after they were out for a while. We are definitely influenced by R&B. Ours is more urban.

Singersroom: So you feel that you’re doing the opposite. You are coming in with a more R&B flavor as opposed to coming in with a Pop.

NLT: Well, the thing is that we sing pop but we are adding an edge. It’s not just R&B we also have rock influences on the album.

Singersroom: Where did you guys get your name from?

NLT: Chris Stokes thought of it. He literally said “You’re not really like anybody. You’re not like them.”

Singersroom: Are you guys still working on the album?

NLT: We’re almost completely finished with the album. I think we have a few more studio sessions. We are really excited; we are currently promoting our single “That Girl.”

Singersroom: I actually heard the single and I must admit I am more of an R&B girl and I liked it a lot.

NLT: Thanks. Our single “That Girl” actually has an R&B sound to it. The Underdogs who did the whole ‘Dream Girls’ soundtrack produced it.

Singersroom: Any songs on the Album that you are particularly excited about?

NLT: Yeah, we did some songs with Timbaland that we really like.

Singersroom: Oh and what was it like working with Timbaland?

NLT - TUG NLT: It was amazing. We did a couple of songs with Timberland that we actually co-produced. We also got to work with Omarion; our label mate.

Singersroom: Are there any plans to shoot a video any time soon for any more singles?

NLT: Right now we are still focusing on our single “That Girl.” The video is out for that and you can catch it on the internet. We have a song in the Bratz movie.

Singersroom: Are there any guest appearances on the album?

NLT: No…It’s a whole bunch of us. We didn’t want to have any features on the album. We wanted people to get to know us and have a feeling for our music. We wanted them to recognize our sound.

Singersroom: Are there any particular concepts on this album? Is it all about love and telling that special girl how fly she is or how much you want her?

NLT: We’re talking about relationships and things that people already discuss on a common daily basis; things that a man can relate to.

Singersroom: What’s your typical day like now? I know things have got to be totally different for each of you.

NLT: As far as our everyday is concerned. It changes. Some days we will be in the studio till four in the morning. Some days we are at dance rehearsal all day. Some days we are home and we are working on our vocals and getting in shape.

Singersroom: How old are you guys?

NLT: Travis and JJ are seventeen and Kevin and myself (V) are eighteen.

Singersroom: You guys make me feel so old and I’m only twenty-five (laughing). I bet life is totally different now in comparison to four or five years ago.

NLT: Yeah, the four of us are best friends.

Singersroom: What kind of imprint or brand are you trying to establish here?

NLT: Our goal as a group is to have a successful album and make music for a long time. Also we would like to leave our mark on the music industry. We would like to inspire people with our music. We are entertainers so we love to bring that to our shows.

Singersroom: If someone wanted to buy a single online or see more footage of you. Where would they go?

NLT: Our official website, which is Or you can look us up on myspace ( We have videos on there and there is some footage of us on YouTube in the recording studio and dancing around. You get to see our personalities and we introduce ourselves. Call your local radio stations and request the single “That Girl.” —— By: Interview By La’Juanda Knight


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